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Featherweight, Freestyle (≤135 pounds), Men

Date14 – 15 October 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants9 from 1 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament

Ben Bradshaw was the 1903 AAU Champion and came in as the favorite. He won his first two matches by falls, but in the final, he had a difficult match against Ted McLear, with Bradshaw winning gold by decision. Bradshaw won his third AAU title in this class in 1907. This is the only 1904 Olympic class for which there was a known match for third-place, with Charles Clapper winning the bronze medal by defeating Frederick Ferguson by a quick pin at 0:54. Ferguson and Clapper had lost to Bradshaw in the first two rounds, so it is likely that the third-place match was some variant of a Bergvall Tournament. Clapper would become 1906 AAU Champion as a lightweight.

1Ben BradshawUSAGold
2Ted McLearUSASilver
3Charles ClapperUSABronze
4Frederick FergusonUSA
AC r3/4Dietrich WortmannUSA
AC r2/4Edward BabcockUSA
AC r2/4Louis StreblerUSA
AC r2/4Max MillerUSA
AC r1/4Theo KoppenUSA

Round One (—)

Match #1 Edward BabcockUSA Theo KoppenUSA

Quarter-Finals (—)

Match #1 Charles ClapperUSA
fall (5:06)
Edward BabcockUSA
Match #2 Ben BradshawUSA
fall (1:38)
Frederick FergusonUSA
Match #3 Ted McLearUSA
fall (0:37)
Louis StreblerUSA
Match #4 Dietrich WortmannUSA
fall (1:56)
Max MillerUSA

Semi-Finals (—)

Match #1 Ben BradshawUSA
fall (0:59)
Charles ClapperUSA
Match #2 Ted McLearUSA
fall (1:02)
Dietrich WortmannUSA

Final Round (—)

Match 1/2 Ben BradshawUSA
decision (15:00)
Ted McLearUSA
Match 3/4 Charles ClapperUSA
fall (0:54)
Frederick FergusonUSA