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Special Figures, Men

Date29 October 1908 — 10:00
LocationPrince's Skating Club, Montpelier Square, Knightsbridge
Participants3 from 2 countries
Judge #1Henning GrenanderGBR
Judge #2Edvard HörleSWE
Judge #3Gustav HügelSUI
Judge #4Hermann WendtGER
Judge #5George SandersRUS

The winner of this event was the interesting Russian skater and athlete, Nikolay Kolomenkin, who competed in figure skating under the pseudonym of Nikolay Panin, presumably because sports were considered undignified by the elite in Russian society in that era. He later (1910) wrote a landmark work on the international style of figure skating, although it was never translated into English. Kolomenkin-Panin also competed in shooting at the 1912 Olympic Games, finishing 4th in a team event.

PosSkaterNOCMaj. PlacementsOrdinalsPointsJudge #1Judge #2Judge #3Judge #4Judge #5
1Nikolay PaninRUS5×1+5.0219.044.0 (1)44.0 (1)44.0 (1)42.0 (1)45.0 (1)Gold
2Arthur CummingGBR5×2+10.0164.032.5 (2)32.0 (2)37.5 (2)30.5 (2)31.5 (2)Silver
3Geoffrey Hall-SayGBR5×3+15.0104.023.0 (3)17.0 (3)18.0 (3)25.0 (3)21.0 (3)Bronze
DNSUlrich SalchowSWE
DNSIrving BrokawUSA