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Pairs, Mixed

Date29 October 1908 — 15:00
LocationPrince's Skating Club, Montpelier Square, Knightsbridge
Participants6 from 2 countries
FormatEach judge ranked each pair by Ordinal Placement from first through last place. The Ordinal Placement for each judge was based on Total Points awarded by that judge to the pairs. Final placement was determined by a Majority Placement rule. Thus, if a pair were ranked first by a majority of the judges, that pair was placed first overall, and the process was repeated for each place. If no absolute majority for a place existed, the tiebreakers were, in order: 1) Total Ordinals, 2) Total Points, 3) Compulsory Figure Points.
Judge #1Hermann WendtGER
Judge #2Gustav HügelSUI
Judge #3Horatio TorroméARG
Judge #4Harry FaithGBR
Judge #5George SandersRUS

A World Championship in pairs skating was held for the first time in 1908, in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it was won by the German pair of Anna Hübler and Heinrich Burger. Hübler and Berger also won the 1908 Olympic title, defeating two British pairs. In 3rd place was the husband and wife team of Madge and Edgar Syers. Madge Syers’ gold in ladies’ singles and bronze in pairs makes her one of only two skaters to have medalled in pairs and an individual event at the same Olympics - the other being Ernst Baier of Germany in 1936. The second-place team of Phyllis and James Johnson (GBR) were also a married couple.

PosSkaterNOCMaj. PlacementsOrdinalsPointsJudge #1Judge #2Judge #3Judge #4Judge #5
1Annie Hübler / Heinrich BurgerGER5×1+ (1)12.0 (1)11.0 (1)12.0 (1)11.0 (1)Gold
2Phyllis Johnson / James JohnsonGBR3×2+ (=2)11.5 (=2)10.5 (2)10.5 (2)10.0 (2)Silver1
3Madge Syers / Edgar SyersGBR5×3+ (=2)11.5 (=2)10.0 (3)8.0 (3)9.5 (3)Bronze2