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Light-Flyweight, Greco-Roman (≤48 kilograms), Men

Date20 – 22 July 1980
LocationLegkoatletichesky manezh, Legkoatletichesky Futbolny Kompleks CSKA, Moskva
Participants10 from 10 countries
FormatScoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler.

The heavy favorite was Romanian Constantin Alexandru, who was 1978-79 World Champion and 1974-75 and 1977-79 European Champion. Unfortunately, because wrestling was not seeded in this era, he met Soviet Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov in the first round, and lost by decision, 6-2, and that decided the gold medal as neither lost any of their remaining matches. Hungarian Ferenc Seres also made the final round and won the bronze medal. No final round matches were necessary as Seres had already lost earlier to both Ushkempirov and Alexandru, both by decision. Ushkempirov would later win the 1981 World Championships.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURSGold
2Constantin AlexandruROUSilver
3Ferenc SeresHUNBronze
4Pavel HristovBUL
5Reijo HaaparantaFIN
6Alfredo OlveraMEX
7Vincenzo MaenzaITA
8Roman KierpaczPOL
ACKent AnderssonSWEEliminated r2/58,0
ACSaber NakdaliSYREliminated r2/58,0

Round One (20 July 1980 — 10:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Pavel HristovBUL0,0
=1Ferenc SeresHUN0,0
=1Alfredo OlveraMEX0,0
=4Reijo HaaparantaFIN1,0
=4Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS1,0
=6Vincenzo MaenzaITA3,0
=6Constantin AlexandruROU3,0
=8Roman KierpaczPOL4,0
=8Kent AnderssonSWE4,0
=8Saber NakdaliSYR4,0

Match #1 Reijo HaaparantaFIN
decision (10-9)
Vincenzo MaenzaITA
Match #2 Pavel HristovBUL
DQ (8:16)
Kent AnderssonSWE
Match #3 Alfredo OlveraMEX
fall (4:44)
Saber NakdaliSYR
Match #4 Ferenc SeresHUN
fall (1:32)
Roman KierpaczPOL
Match #5 Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS
decision (6-2)
Constantin AlexandruROU

Round Two (20 July 1980 — 19:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Pavel HristovBUL0,5
=1Ferenc SeresHUN0,5
3Reijo HaaparantaFIN1,0
4Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS2,0
5Constantin AlexandruROU3,0
6Alfredo OlveraMEX3,5
7Vincenzo MaenzaITA6,5eliminated
8Roman KierpaczPOL7,0eliminated
=9Kent AnderssonSWE8,0eliminated
=9Saber NakdaliSYR8,0eliminated

Match #1 Pavel HristovBUL
decision (14-4)
Vincenzo MaenzaITA
Match #2 Reijo HaaparantaFIN
fall (8:36)
Kent AnderssonSWE
Match #3 Ferenc SeresHUN
decision (13-5)
Alfredo OlveraMEX
Match #4 Constantin AlexandruROU
fall (1:16)
Saber NakdaliSYR
Match #5 Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS
decision (13-10)
Roman KierpaczPOL

Round Three (21 July 1980 — 11:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Pavel HristovBUL0,5
2Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS2,5
3Constantin AlexandruROU3,0
4Ferenc SeresHUN4,0
5Reijo HaaparantaFIN5,0
6Alfredo OlveraMEX7,5eliminated

Match #1 Pavel HristovBUL
decision (27-0)
Reijo HaaparantaFIN
Match #2 Constantin AlexandruROU
fall (2:29)
Alfredo OlveraMEX
Match #3 Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS
decision (17-6)
Ferenc SeresHUN

Round Four (21 July 1980 — 19:45)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS2,5
2Constantin AlexandruROU3,0
3Ferenc SeresHUN4,0
4Pavel HristovBUL4,5
5Reijo HaaparantaFIN9,0eliminated

Match #1 Ferenc SeresHUN
decision (17-2)
Reijo HaaparantaFIN
Match #2 Constantin AlexandruROU
DQ (7:34)
Pavel HristovBUL
Match #3 Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS bye

Final Round (22 July 1980 — 18:00)

Match #1 Zhaksylyk UshkempirovURS
decision (12-7)
Pavel HristovBUL
Match #2 Constantin AlexandruROU
decision (10-5)
Ferenc SeresHUN