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5,000 metres, Men

Date24 – 25 April 1906
LocationPodilatodromio Neou Falirou, Peiraias
Participants26 from 9 countries

This was the third of Francesco Verri’s victories at the 1906 Olympics. He was unchallenged in his, his semi-final, and he won the final fairly easily as well. Despite his prominence at the 1906 Olympics, Verri never challenged in any other major cycling events, amateur or professional.

1Francesco VerriITAGold
2Herbert CrowtherGBRSilver
3Fernand VastFRABronze
4Émile DemangelFRA
5Max GoetzeGER
2 h1 r3/3Otto MeixnerAUT
2 h2 r3/3Federico Della FerreraITA
2 h3 r3/3Johnnie MatthewsGBR
2 h5 r3/3Arthur RushenGBR
2 h6 r3/3Henri MenjouFRA
3 h1 r3/3Maurice BardonneauFRA
3 h2 r3/3Gaston DelaplaneFRA
3 h3 r3/3Bruno GoetzeGER
3 h4 r3/3Hans HollyAUT
3 h5 r3/3Ernst MeyerSUI
3 h7 r3/3Ioannis PetritsisGRE
4 h1 r3/3Erich DannenbergGER
4 h3 r3/3Hans StuderSUI
AC h6 r3/3Andrew HanssonSWE
AC h6 r3/3Konrad PuhrerAUT
AC h7 r3/3Alois WutteAUTDQ
AC h7 r3/3Karl ArnoldGERDQ
2 h2 r2/3Edmond LuguetFRA
3 h1 r2/3Otto KüpferlingGER
3 h2 r2/3Eugène DebongnieBEL
3 h3 r2/3Bert BoufflerGBR

Round One (24 April 1906)

Winner and the runners-up in the two fastest heats to the final. 2,000 metres in round one.

Heat One

1Herbert CrowtherGBR3:56 1/5Q
2Otto MeixnerAUT
3Maurice BardonneauFRA
4Erich DannenbergGER

Heat Two

1Bert BoufflerGBR3:40 3/5Q
2Federico Della FerreraITA
3Gaston DelaplaneFRA

Heat Three

1Émile DemangelFRA3:12 1/5Q
2Johnnie MatthewsGBR
3Bruno GoetzeGER
4Hans StuderSUI

Heat Four

1Eugène DebongnieBEL3:09 4/5Q
2Max GoetzeGERq
3Hans HollyAUT

Heat Five

1Otto KüpferlingGER3:32 4/5Q
2Arthur RushenGBR
3Ernst MeyerSUI

Heat Six

1Francesco VerriITA3:34 3/5Q
2Henri MenjouFRA
ACAndrew HanssonSWE
ACKonrad PuhrerAUT

Heat Seven

1Fernand VastFRA3:10 1/5Q
2Edmond LuguetFRAq
3Ioannis PetritsisGRE
ACAlois WutteAUTDQ
ACKarl ArnoldGERDQ

Semi-Finals (25 April 1906)

Winner and runners-up in the two fastest heats to the final.

Heat One

1Émile DemangelFRA7:40Q
2Fernand VastFRAq
3Otto KüpferlingGER

Heat Two

1Herbert CrowtherGBR8:41Q
2Edmond LuguetFRA
3Eugène DebongnieBEL

Heat Three

1Francesco VerriITA8:20 2/5Q
2Max GoetzeGERq
3Bert BoufflerGBR

Final Round (25 April 1906)

Match 1/2

1Francesco VerriITA7:28 3/5
2Herbert CrowtherGBRat 2 lengths
3Fernand VastFRAat 5 lengths
4Émile DemangelFRA
5Max GoetzeGER