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20 kilometres Walk, Men

Date25 April 1906
LocationPodilatodromio Neou Falirou, Peiraias
Participants24 from 9 countries
FormatPaced event. First round races were 10 kilometres.

The 20-kilometer track event was a paced event. Apparently, the cyclists could have either motor-pacing or tandem pacers, as there is a picture in the Official Report showing the final, one rider paced by a tandem, one by a motorized gurney.

The winner of the race, Billy Pett, was paced by the tandem gold medalists at the Athens Olympics, Johnnie Matthews and Arthur Rushen. However, Pett was a very accomplished cyclist. He had already won three NCU titles at 50 miles, and in 1905 he was the runner-up at the world championships in the motor-paced event at Antwerp. He did not take up cycling until he was 20 years old and he was definitely a true amateur. He was employed in the wine cellars at Harrod’s working from 8 AM to 7 PM and was able to compete only on weekends.

Later in 1906, the runner-up at Athens, Maurice Bardonneau, won the world championships in Geneva in the motor-paced event. Pett did not finish in the top three and it is not known if he competed.

1Billy PettGBRGold
2Maurice BardonneauFRASilver
3Fernand VastFRABronze
4Hans HollyAUT
5Erich DannenbergGER
6Edmond LuguetFRA
AC r2/2Adolf BöhmGERDNF
DNS r2/2François VerstraetenBEL
2 h2 r1/2Ioannis PetritsisGRE
AC h1 r1/2Aristidis AlbanopoulosGRE
AC h1 r1/2Karl ArnoldGER
AC h1 r1/2Bert BoufflerGBR
AC h1 r1/2Eugène ColombaniEGY
AC h1 r1/2Herbert CrowtherGBR
AC h1 r1/2Carl AndresenDENDNF
AC h2 r1/2Martin KlöbGER
AC h2 r1/2Aristidis KonstantinidisGRE
AC h3 r1/2Henri MenjouFRA
AC h3 r1/2Johnnie MatthewsGBR
AC h3 r1/2Ernst MeyerSUI
AC h3 r1/2Arthur RushenGBR
AC h3 r1/2Romeo VerscheldenBEL
AC h3 r1/2Hans StuderSUI
AC h3 r1/2Konstantinos TzortzakisGRE

Round One (25 April 1906)

The winners and the runners-up in the three fastest heats advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Maurice BardonneauFRA14:31 3/5Q
2Adolf BöhmGERq
ACAristidis AlbanopoulosGRE
ACKarl ArnoldGER
ACBert BoufflerGBR
ACEugène ColombaniEGY
ACHerbert CrowtherGBR
DNFCarl AndresenDEN

Heat Two

1Erich DannenbergGER14:50 2/5Q
2Ioannis PetritsisGRE
ACMartin KlöbGER
ACAristidis KonstantinidisGRE

Heat Three

1Billy PettGBR14:26Q
2François VerstraetenBELq
3Fernand VastFRAq
ACHenri MenjouFRA
ACJohnnie MatthewsGBR
ACErnst MeyerSUI
ACArthur RushenGBR
ACRomeo VerscheldenBEL
ACHans StuderSUI
ACKonstantinos TzortzakisGRE

Heat Four

1Edmond LuguetFRA14:32Q
2Hans HollyAUTq

Final Round (25 April 1906)

20 kilometres.

Match 1/2 ()

1Billy PettGBR29:00
2Maurice BardonneauFRA29:30
3Fernand VastFRA29:32
4Hans HollyAUT
5Erich DannenbergGER
6Edmond LuguetFRA
DNFAdolf BöhmGER