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Individual Pursuit, 4,000 metres, Men

Date20 – 21 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Podilatodromio, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Participants15 from 11 countries

The competition format of the individual pursuit had changed since the last Olympics, dropping the semi-finals, a change which had also been made recent World Championships. The 17 starters rode a qualifying round against the clock, with the eight fastest finishers advancing to an elimination round of four heats. The two fastest winners in the elimination round competed in a gold medal race, while the two slowest winners in the elimination round competed in a bronze medal race. Places 5-8 were determined by the times of the losing riders in the elimination round. The last three World Champions had been Bradley McGee (AUS-2002), Bradley Wiggins (GBR-2003), and Sergi Escobar (ESP-2004). They all made it thru qualifying and were three of the winners of the elimination round, joined in the medal matches by Rob Hayles (GBR), fourth at the 2000 Olympics. The gold medal race matched the Bradleys, McGee against Wiggins, with Wiggins winning by over four seconds. In the bronze medal race, Escobar relegated Hayles to a second consecutive, disconcerting fourth-place finish.

1Bradley WigginsGBRGold
2Brad McGeeAUSSilver
3Sergi EscobarESPBronze
4Rob HaylesGBR
5Luke RobertsAUS
6Fabien SanchezFRA
7Volodymyr DiudiaUKR
8Robert BartkoGER
9Linas BalčiūnasLTU
10Aleksey MarkovRUS
11Christian LademannGER
12Carlos CastañoESP
13Vasil KiryienkaBLR
14Yury YudaKAZ
15Hossein AskariIRI

Qualifying Round (20 August 2004 — 16:30-17:15)

Top 18 finishers advanced to round one.

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:15.165QOR
2Sergi EscobarESP4:16.862QOR
3Brad McGeeAUS4:17.510QOR
4Rob HaylesGBR4:17.930Q
5Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:18.169Q
6Robert BartkoGER4:18.991Q
7Luke RobertsAUS4:19.353Q
8Fabien SanchezFRA4:20.606Q
9Linas BalčiūnasLTU4:22.392
10Aleksey MarkovRUS4:25.520
11Christian LademannGER4:26.760
12Carlos CastañoESP4:27.871
13Vasil KiryienkaBLR4:29.005
14Yury YudaKAZ4:29.676
15Hossein AskariIRI4:39.302

Heat One (16:30-17:15)

1Yury YudaKAZ4:29.676
2Hossein AskariIRI4:39.302

Heat Two

1Linas BalčiūnasLTU4:22.392
2Vasil KiryienkaBLR4:29.005

Heat Three

1Carlos CastañoESP4:27.871

Heat Four

1Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:18.169Q
2Christian LademannGER4:26.760

Heat Five

1Fabien SanchezFRA4:20.606Q
2Aleksey MarkovRUS4:25.520

Heat Six

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:15.165QOR
2Luke RobertsAUS4:19.353Q

Heat Seven

1Rob HaylesGBR4:17.930Q
2Robert BartkoGER4:18.991Q

Heat Eight

1Sergi EscobarESP4:16.862QOR
2Brad McGeeAUS4:17.510QOR

Round One (20 August 2004 — 18:55-19:15)

Heat One

1Rob HaylesGBR4:19.559
2Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:22.720

Heat Two

1Brad McGeeAUS4:17.978Q
2Robert BartkoGER4:26.184

Heat Three

1Sergi EscobarESP4:19.581
2Luke RobertsAUS4:20.336

Heat Four

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:17.215Q
2Fabien SanchezFRA4:21.235

Final Round (21 August 2004 — 17:40-17:55)

Match 1/2 (17:40-17:47)

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:16.304OR
2Brad McGeeAUS4:20.346

Match 3/4 (17:47-17:55)

1Sergi EscobarESP4:17.947
2Rob HaylesGBR4:22.291