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Kumite, ≤67 kg, Men

Date 5 August 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants10 from 10 countries

Competitors were divided into two round-robin pools with the top two competitors advancing to semi-finals and final. The top two in the 67 kg world rankings were Steven da Costa (FRA) and Ali El-Sawy (EGY).

In pool A, El-Sawy struggled, winning just one of his four bouts. The winner of all four pool contests was Darkhan Assadilov (KAZ), with Eray Şamdan (TUR) finishing second, as both of these karateka normally competed in the under 60 kg class. Da Costa had a tentative start in pool B, losing his second pool match to Abdel Rahman Al-Masatfa (JOR), who would eventually finish with the bronze medal.

Da Costa won his semi-final against Assadilov after going behind early on a waza-ari. However Da Costa recovered with an ippon and waza-ari to record a 5-2 victory. The second semi-final was a much closer contest with Şamdan winning against Al-Masatfa with two yukos for a 2-0 victory. The final saw Da Costa go ahead of Şamdan with a waza-ari and an ippon in the closing seconds to allow Da Costa to win by 5-0 and become the first male Olympic champion at Karate.

1Steven Da CostaFRAGold
2Eray ŞamdanTURSilver
=3Darkhan AssadilovKAZBronze
=3Abdel Rahman Al-MasatfaJORBronze
=5Hamoon DerafshipourEOR
=5Ali El-SawyEGY
=7Kalvis KalniņšLAT
=7Naoto SagoJPN
=9Andrés Eduardo MaderaVEN
=9Firdovsi FarzaliyevAZE