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Individual, Men

Date25 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes
Participants24 from 9 countries
FormatPlacement by point scores.

Swedes took four of the top five places but the gold medal came down to a very close contest between Ernst Linder and Bertil Sandström, the silver medalist from Antwerp. Sandström, on Sabel was placed first by two judges, with Linder, on Piccolomini, only ranked first by one, and they were tied on the scorecard from judge #3. But Linder’s total average points narrowly brought him the gold medal. This was Linder’s only Olympic appearance but Sandström would return in 1932 and win another silver medal in the team dressage event. That year he also appeared to have won another individual silver but he was moved to last place after it was alleged that he had made clicking noises to coach his horse.

1Ernst LinderSWEPiccolomini276.41,382Gold
2Bertil SandströmSWESabel275.81,379Silver
3Xavier LesageFRAPlumard265.81,329Bronze
4Wilhelm von EssenSWEZobel260.01,300
5Victor AnkarcronaSWECorona256.51,283
6Emanuel ThielTCHEx256.21,281
=7Robert WallonFRAMagister243.21,216
=7Henri von der WeidSUIUhlard243.21,216
9Georges SerlezBELChong242.01,210
10Léon Saint-Fort PaillardFRARoitelet VI237.01,185
11František DondaTCHElan236.01,180
12Arthur von PongráczAUTAberta234.21,171
13Joseph StevenartBELPaillasse233.21,166
14Jan van ReedeNEDSlieve-Gallion232.01,160
15Albert BourcierFRAValentin228.01,140
16Adolphe MercierSUIKnabe223.61,118
17Vladimir StoychevBULPan220.21,101
18Otto SchönigerTCHFefé215.01,075
19Jaroslav HanfTCHElégant213.41,067
20Werner StuberSUIQueen-Mary206.21,031
21Charles SchlumbergerSUIKincses189.4947
22Dagobert SekullicAUTShagyax179.8899
23Roger DelrueBELKwango170.8854
24Vladimir SeunigYUGBenita167.6838