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Team, Open

Date 7 September 1972 — 14:00
LocationDressuranlage, Nymphenburg, München
Participants30 from 10 countries
FormatThree rider teams, all three scores to count. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

From 1976-2008 Germany won the gold medal in team dressage every time they competed, not winning only in 1980 when they joined the American-led boycott of Moskva. They had also won in 1964-68, but they did not win in 1972, placing second narrowly behind the Soviet Union, which would also win this event in 1980. The Soviets were led by Yelena Petushkova, individual silver medalist, and Ivan Kizimov, the 1968 individual champion. Germany was second, despite having the individual gold medalist, Liselott Linsenhoff, and Josef Neckermann, who had helped Germany win gold medals in 1964-68. Sweden won the bronze medal, their first medal in the event since winning the gold in 1952-56.

1Soviet UnionURS5,095Gold
Yelena PetushkovaPepel1,747
Ivan KizimovIkhor1,701
Ivan KalitaTarif1,647
2West GermanyFRG5,083Silver
Liselott LinsenhoffPiaff1,763
Josef NeckermannVenetia1,706
Karin SchlüterLiostro1,614
Ulla HåkanssonAjax1,649
Ninna SwaabCasanova1,622
Maud von RosenLucky Boy1,578
Aksel Malling MikkelsenTalisman1,597
Ulla PetersenChigwell1,534
Charlotte IngemannSouliman1,475
5East GermanyGDR4,552
Gerhard BrockmüllerMarios1,545
Wolfgang MüllerSemafor1,521
Horst KöhlerImanuel1,486
Christilot HansonArmagnac1,615
Cindy NealeBonne Année1,424
Lorraine StubbsVenezuela1,379
Christine StückelbergerGranat1,528
Hermann DürSod1,466
Marita AeschbacherCharlamp1,389
Anny van DoornePericles1,48
Cees Benedictus-LieftinckTurista1,42
John SwaabMaharadscha1,409
9United StatesUSA4,283
Edith MasterDahlwitz1,48
John WinnettReinald1,458
Lois StephensFasching1,345
10Great BritainGBR4,268
Lorna JohnstoneEl Farruco1,576
Jennie Loriston-ClarkeKadett1,45
Domini LawrenceKarat/San Fernando1,242