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Middleweight, Greco-Roman (≤77 kilograms), Men

Date2 – 3 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants15 from 15 countries

Tamás Lőrincz was competing in his fourth Olympics for Hungary. He had won silver in 2012 at 66 kg, but was a four-time World Championship medalist, highlighted by his 2019 title in this class after silvers in 2015 and 2017. He came to Tokyo seeded first. The second seed went to Sweden’s Alex Kessidis, but he would lose his opening match to Azerbaijani Rafiq Hüseynov on a judges’ decision after they tied, 1-1.

Lőrincz would add Olympic gold to his ¬palmarès but was far from dominant. He won in round one by a forfeit and then won his final three bouts by decision, all by margins of 1 or 2 points. In the final Lőrincz faced Kyrgyzstan’s Akzhol Makhmudov, defeating him 2-1 in a dull match. One day later, Tamás Lőrincz’s brother Viktor would add a silver medal to the family trophy chest by placing second at 87 kg Greco-Roman. Makhmudov was a 2018 Asian Champion but had only made it to the Olympics by winning an Olympic qualifying tournament earlier in 2021.

The repêchage rounds went completely against the betting favorites, as both losing semi-finalists lost to finish equal fifth. Japan’s Shohei Yabiku had a bye to the repêchage final where he defeated Iranian Mohammadali Geraei, who had lost his semi to Lőrincz. Azerbaijan’s Hüseynov won his opening match in the repêchage and then took bronze by defeating Armenian Karapet Chalyan, who had been defeated by Makhmudov in their semi-final.

1Tamás LőrinczHUN1400117Gold
2Akzhol MakhmudovKGZ1202275Silver
=3Shohei YabikuJPN801199Bronze
=3Rafiq HüseynovAZE11011712Bronze
=5Mohammadali GeraeiIRI8002027
=5Karapet ChalyanARM8001011
7Aleksandr ChekhirkinROC40082
8Božo StarčevićCRO40086
9Demeu ZhadrayevKAZ10035
10Yosvanys PeñaCUB10037
11Alex KessidisSWE10011
12Aik MnatsakanianBUL10013
13Lamjed MaafiTUN100122
14Jalgas BerdimuratovUZB00005
15Alfonso LeyvaMEX00007
DNSZied Ait OuagramMAR00000

Round One

Date2 August 2021 — 11:30
Match #102 Aug 11:30Tamás LőrinczHUNForfeitZied Ait OuagramMAR
Match #202 AugShohei YabikuJPNDecisionDemeu ZhadrayevKAZ
Match #302 AugBožo StarčevićCRODecisionAik MnatsakanianBUL
Match #402 AugMohammadali GeraeiIRIDecisionYosvanys PeñaCUB
Match #502 AugKarapet ChalyanARMDecision by shutoutJalgas BerdimuratovUZB
Match #602 AugAleksandr ChekhirkinROCDecision by shutoutAlfonso LeyvaMEX
Match #702 AugAkzhol MakhmudovKGZTechnical superiority by shutoutLamjed MaafiTUN
Match #802 AugRafiq HüseynovAZEDecisionAlex KessidisSWE


Date2 August 2021 — 12:50
Match #102 Aug 12:50Tamás LőrinczHUNDecisionShohei YabikuJPN
Match #202 AugMohammadali GeraeiIRIDecisionBožo StarčevićCRO
Match #302 AugKarapet ChalyanARMDecisionAleksandr ChekhirkinROC
Match #402 AugAkzhol MakhmudovKGZTechnical superiorityRafiq HüseynovAZE


Date2 August 2021 — 18:15
Match #102 Aug 18:15Tamás LőrinczHUNDecisionMohammadali GeraeiIRI
Match #202 AugAkzhol MakhmudovKGZDecisionKarapet ChalyanARM

Repêchage Round One

Date3 August 2021
Match #103 AugShohei YabikuJPN
Match #203 AugRafiq HüseynovAZETechnical superiorityLamjed MaafiTUN

Repêchage Final

Date3 August 2021 — 11:00
Match #103 Aug 11:00Shohei YabikuJPNTechnical superiorityMohammadali GeraeiIRI
Match #203 AugRafiq HüseynovAZEDecisionKarapet ChalyanARM

Final Round

Date3 August 2021 — 19:30
Match 1/203 Aug 19:55Tamás LőrinczHUNDecisionAkzhol MakhmudovKGZ