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Team, Mixed

Date4 – 7 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants66 from 10 countries
FormatPoint-for-place scoring used for each of the 8 phases, and added together for final team score, with several tiebreakers.

Qualification rules for the team event were unchanged. Unfortunately for France this meant that, although they were seventh in the nations ranking table, their inability to qualify their skaters in a minimum of three of the four events ruled them out and let 17th ranked Ukraine take their place. Of the 10 teams involved, Ukraine and Germany were affected by positive cases of COVID-19 among their teams and had little chance of progressing to the final five.

The Russian Olympic Committee team were the favourites based on the performance of Russia in winning the World Team Trophy in April 2021 and they proved to be consistently competitive across all disciplines. Across all eight segments of the competition, the ROC only placed outside the top two on one occasion and, led by the brilliant 15-year-old Kamila Valiyeva, they were emphatic winners of the Olympic title, with the USA and Japan trailing in their wake in silver and bronze positions.

On the day the medals were decided, however, the IOC mysteriously announced that the medal ceremony would not immediately take place. The media reported that this was because a doping irregularity connected to the winning team. Eventually the International Testing Agency confirmed that Kamila Valiyeva had tested positive for trimetazidine at the Russian Championships in December.

The case was sent to the Russian Anti-Doping Agency for a provisional decision but, at time of writing, the official results could not be verified by the IOC. As of April 2022 the gold medal allocation remains in the air between the ROC and the USA and could very well take months or years to clarify (in May 2023 it was announced that a hearing will begin in August 2023). The US team petitioned the Court of Arbitration for Sport that the IOC should be ordered to present to them their silver medals before the end of the Games but this application was dismissed by the court.

PosTeamNOCPointsMen's Short ProgramIce Dance Rhythm DancePairs Short ProgramWomen's Short ProgramMen's Free SkatingPairs Free SkatingIce Dance Free DanceWomen's Free Skating
1ROCROC748 (3)9 (2)9 (2)10 (1)9 (2)10 (1)9 (2)10 (1)Gold
Mark KondratyukViktoriya SinitsinaNikita KatsalapovAnastasiya MishinaAleksandr GallyamovKamila ValiyevaAndrey Mozalyov (DNS)Yevgeny Semenenko (DNS)Anna Shcherbakova (DNS)Aleksandra Trusova (DNS)Aleksandra Boykova (DNS)Dmitry Kozlovsky (DNS)Yevgeniya Tarasova (DNS)Vladimir Morozov (DNS)Diana Davis (DNS)Gleb Smolkin (DNS)Aleksandra Stepanova (DNS)Ivan Bukin (DNS)
2United StatesUSA6510 (1)10 (1)8 (3)6 (5)8 (3)6 (5)10 (1)7 (4)Silver
Nathan ChenMadison HubbellZach DonohueAlexa Scimeca KnierimBrandon FrazierKaren ChenVincent ZhouMadison ChockEvan BatesJason Brown (DNS)Mariah Bell (DNS)Alysa Liu (DNS)Ashley Cain-Gribble (DNS)Timothy LeDuc (DNS)Kaitlin Hawayek (DNS)Jean-Luc Baker (DNS)
3JapanJPN639 (2)4 (7)7 (4)9 (2)10 (1)9 (2)6 (5)9 (2)Bronze
Shoma UnoMisato KomatsubaraTim KoletoRiku MiuraRyuichi KiharaWakaba HiguchiYuma KagiyamaKaori SakamotoYuzuru Hanyu (DNS)Mana Kawabe (DNS)
4CanadaCAN533 (8)7 (4)6 (5)8 (3)6 (5)7 (4)8 (3)8 (3)
Roman SadovskyPiper GillesPaul PoirierKirsten Moore-TowersMichael MarinaroMadeline SchizasVanessa JamesEric RadfordKeegan Messing (DNS)Laurence Fournier Beaudry (DNS)Nikolaj Sørensen (DNS)Marjorie Lajoie (DNS)Zachary Lagha (DNS)
5People's Republic of ChinaCHN505 (6)6 (5)10 (1)1 (10)7 (4)8 (3)7 (4)6 (5)
Jin BoyangWang ShiyueLiu XinyuSui WenjingHan CongZhu YiPeng ChengJin Yang
6GeorgiaGEO7 (4)3 (8)5 (6)7 (4)
Morisi KvitelashviliMariya KazakovaGeorgy ReviyaKarina SafinaLuka BerulavaAnastasiya Gubanova
7ItalyITA6 (5)8 (3)4 (7)2 (9)
Daniel GrasslCharlène GuignardMarco FabbriNicole Della MonicaMatteo GuariseLara Naki GutmannMatteo Rizzo (DNS)Rebecca Ghilardi (DNS)Filippo Ambrosini (DNS)
8Czech RepublicCZE4 (7)5 (6)3 (8)3 (8)
Michal BřezinaNatálie TaschlerováFilip TaschlerJelizaveta ŽukováMartin BidařEliška Březinová
9GermanyGER2 (9)1 (10)5 (6)
Paul FentzKatharina MüllerTim DieckNicole SchottNolan Seegert (DNS) 1Minerva Hase (DNS) 2
10UkraineUKR2 (9)2 (9)4 (7)
Oleksandra NazarovaMax NikitinSofiya HolichenkoArtem DarenskyiAnastasiya ShabotovaIvan Shmuratko (DNS) 3