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Team Sprint, Classical, Women

Date14 February 2006
LocationStadio del Trampolino, Pragelato Plan
Participants32 from 16 countries
FormatTwo-woman teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,145 m
Height Differential: 16 m
Maximum Climb: 16 m
Total Climbing: 37 m

This event had débuted at the World Championships only in 2005, and was making its first Olympic appearance in Torino. The Olympic format consisted of teams of two skiers, skiing six legs of about 1,500 metres. In theory a skier could ski between three to six legs, but in reality, all teams alternated legs, with each sprinter skiing three legs. The event consists of a semi-final round advancing teams to a final of 10 teams. At Torino the event was skied classically, while in Oberstdorf, at the 2005 Worlds, it had been a freestyle event. The medalists in 2005 had been Norway, Finland, and Russia, in that order. On the opening leg, Canada’s Sara Renner snapped a pole and was handed a new one by Norwegian coach Bjørnar Håkensmoen. She was able to maintain contact on her leg, and Beckie Scott briefly took the leg for Canada. Eventually they were passed by Sweden, who won the gold medal, with Canada getting silver.

Finland won bronze as Norway was shut out of the medals. Many Norwegians were upset by Håkensmoen’s selfless act, which may have cost his team a medal, but Canada responded by sending numerous letters and thank-you notes to the Norwegian Embassy. Renner gave Håkensmoen a bottle of wine to thank him, but a Canadian businessman, Michael Page, donated 8,000 cans of Canadian maple syrup to the Norwegian Olympic Committee to express his gratitude.

1Anna Dahlberg / Lina AnderssonSWEGold
2Sara Renner / Beckie ScottCANSilver
3Aino-Kaisa Saarinen / Virpi KuitunenFINBronze
4Ella Gjømle / Marit BjørgenNOR
5Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle / Viola BauerGER
6Olga Rocheva / Alyona SidkoRUS
7Arianna Follis / Gabriella ParuzziITA
8Madoka Natsumi / Nobuko FukudaJPN
9Oksana Yatskaya / Yelena KolominaKAZ
10Wendy Wagner / Kikkan RandallUSA
11Aurélie Perrillat-Collomb / Élodie Bourgeois-PinFRA
12Helena Erbenová / Kamila RajdlováCZE
13Wang Chunli / Jiang ChunliCHN
14Maja Benedičič / Vesna FabjanSLO
15Piret Pormeister / Kaili SirgeEST
16Tetyana Zavaliy / Maryna MaletsUKR

Semi-Finals (14 February 2006 — 10:00)

First 5 teams in each heat qualify for final.

Heat 1 (10:00)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
1-1Aino-Kaisa Saarinen2:17.62:54.73:00.7
1-2Virpi Kuitunen2:53.02:54.93:15.9
2-1Sara Renner2:17.22:54.92:59.7
2-2Beckie Scott2:53.02:56.43:18.1
4-1Arianna Follis2:17.92:58.83:06.8
4-2Gabriella Paruzzi2:53.22:55.73:20.2
3-1Madoka Natsumi2:19.42:59.83:06.3
3-2Nobuko Fukuda2:51.82:55.03:20.8
6-1Oksana Yatskaya2:21.22:57.43:05.0
6-2Yelena Kolomina2:51.32:56.73:24.7
5-1Élodie Bourgeois-Pin2:20.02:57.43:09.7
5-2Aurélie Perrillat-Collomb2:53.12:59.73:34.6
7-1Vesna Fabjan2:21.33:16.33:22.1
7-2Maja Benedičič3:06.23:14.43:39.2
8-1Maryna Malets2:28.13:23.63:34.6
8-2Tetyana Zavaliy3:04.13:10.93:32.8

Heat 2 (10:20)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
10-1Ella Gjømle2:20.12:56.62:59.5
10-2Marit Bjørgen2:53.42:51.53:13.3
212Russian FederationRUS17:32.1Q
12-1Olga Rocheva2:20.72:55.63:01.8
12-2Alyona Sidko2:53.52:53.53:27.0
9-1Anna Dahlberg2:20.52:57.13:05.5
9-2Lina Andersson2:53.22:56.43:20.8
11-1Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle2:20.32:55.53:04.2
11-2Viola Bauer2:54.32:56.73:23.7
514United StatesUSA17:51.4Q
14-1Wendy Wagner2:20.42:57.43:03.1
14-2Kikkan Randall2:53.73:04.63:32.2
615Czech RepublicCZE18:11.6
15-1Helena Erbenová2:22.73:05.13:11.3
15-2Kamila Rajdlová3:01.43:05.93:25.2
716People's Republic of ChinaCHN18:18.4
16-1Wang Chunli2:23.43:04.43:07.6
16-2Jiang Chunli2:56.93:14.23:31.9
13-1Piret Pormeister2:22.13:12.13:34.5
13-2Kaili Sirge3:03.63:16.03:45.3

Final Round (14 February 2006 — 11:20)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
9-1Anna Dahlberg2:14.62:50.92:53.8
9-2Lina Andersson2:47.82:48.93:00.9
2-1Sara Renner2:13.92:53.82:54.5
2-2Beckie Scott2:47.82:45.73:01.8
1-1Aino-Kaisa Saarinen2:14.22:49.92:53.4
1-2Virpi Kuitunen2:48.92:49.33:03.5
10-1Ella Gjømle2:15.52:51.72:57.8
10-2Marit Bjørgen2:46.42:48.03:08.7
11-1Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle2:16.02:49.22:55.5
11-2Viola Bauer2:50.82:54.93:17.1
612Russian FederationRUS17:08.5
12-1Olga Rocheva2:17.32:54.63:02.4
12-2Alyona Sidko2:46.82:52.13:15.3
4-1Arianna Follis2:17.42:55.63:03.4
4-2Gabriella Paruzzi2:53.92:57.63:16.9
3-1Madoka Natsumi2:19.52:58.33:02.8
3-2Nobuko Fukuda2:48.12:59.63:19.3
6-1Oksana Yatskaya2:19.52:57.33:08.4
6-2Yelena Kolomina2:51.93:01.83:23.9
1014United StatesUSA18:04.9
14-1Wendy Wagner2:18.83:00.83:06.0
14-2Kikkan Randall2:57.03:11.03:31.3