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Ski Cross, Men

Date20 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants31 from 13 countries
Venue detailsFeatures: 41
Length: 1250 m
Start Altitude: 1201 m
Vertical Drop: 187 m

The difficult course saw multiple crashes that took out many of the favorites. Canadian Christopher Del Bosco and Swiss Alex Fiva both went out in the 1/8th-finals, while Austrian Andreas Matt, the 2010 silver medalist, failed to make the semi-finals. The final came down to three Frenchmen, led by 2013 World Champion Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, and Canadian Brady Leman. The result was as unlikely as it could be as Chapuis won the gold medal, leading a French medal sweep, followed by Arnaud Bovolenta and Jonathan Midol.

Despite Chapuis’s 2013 World title, he had won only one World Cup race in 32 starts, and Bovolenta and Midol had never even made a World Cup podium previously. Bovolenta’s previous best result was a sixth place earned earlier in the season at Val Thorens, while Midol’s best World Cup finish was a fourth place in 2012/13 at Les Contamines. Midol’s brother, Bastien, was much better known, having won the silver medal at the 2013 Worlds. Jonathan Midol fell shortly before the finish of the final and sprawled across the finish line for his bronze, but Leman could not contest the medal, having skidded and fallen early in the final run, conceding the medals to the French threesome.

The carnage from the course was best typified in the first quarter-final, won by Switzerland’s Armin Niederer, who was the only skiier to cross the line standing. Behind him three skiiers crashed and fell near the finish, with Russian Yegor Korotkov finishing second as he rolled over the line.

14Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRAGold
211Arnaud BovolentaFRASilver
329Jonathan MidolFRABronze
43Brady LemanCAN
517Yegor KorotkovRUS
67Filip FlisarSLO
78Armin NiedererSUI
826Florian EiglerGER
91Victor Öhling NorbergSWE
1021Jonas DevouassouxFRA
1127John EklundSWE
1231Andreas SchauerGER
139Jouni PellinenFIN
1412Andreas MattAUT
1518Didrik JuellNOR
1619Thomas FischerGER
172Chris Del BoscoCAN
1810Tomáš KrausCZE
1913Daniel BohnackerGER
2014Christoph WahrstötterAUT
2116Sergey MozhayevRUS
2222Michael ForslundSWE
2324Scott KnellerAUS
2428Patrick KollerAUT
255Anton GrimusAUS
266Dave DuncanCAN
2715Thomas ZangerlAUT
2820John TellerUSA
2923Christian MithasselNOR
3025Thomas LieNOR
DNS32Mike SchmidSUI

Seeding Round (20 February 2014 — 11:45)

14Victor Öhling NorbergSWE1:15.59
22Chris Del BoscoCAN1:15.91
38Brady LemanCAN1:16.43
415Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRA1:16.77
518Anton GrimusAUS1:16.82
69Dave DuncanCAN1:17.31
713Filip FlisarSLO1:17.35
816Armin NiedererSUI1:17.39
912Jouni PellinenFIN1:17.41
103Tomáš KrausCZE1:17.41
1117Arnaud BovolentaFRA1:17.48
125Andreas MattAUT1:17.55
137Daniel BohnackerGER1:17.59
1422Christoph WahrstötterAUT1:17.72
1514Thomas ZangerlAUT1:17.72
1632Sergey MozhayevRUS1:17.83
1724Yegor KorotkovRUS1:17.87
1825Didrik JuellNOR1:18.03
1919Thomas FischerGER1:18.06
206John TellerUSA1:18.14
2110Jonas DevouassouxFRA1:18.32
2228Michael ForslundSWE1:18.33
2320Christian MithasselNOR1:18.40
2431Scott KnellerAUS1:18.58
2523Thomas LieNOR1:18.69
2629Florian EiglerGER1:18.91
2727John EklundSWE1:18.97
2826Patrick KollerAUT1:19.12
2911Jonathan MidolFRA1:19.57
AC21Andreas SchauerGERDNF
DNS30Mike SchmidSUI

Round One (20 February 2014 — 13:30)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat 1

1Victor Öhling NorbergSWEQ
2Yegor KorotkovRUSQ
3Sergey MozhayevRUS
DNSMike SchmidSUI

Heat 2

1Jouni PellinenFINQ
2Armin NiedererSUIQ
3Scott KnellerAUS

Heat 3

1Andreas MattAUTQ
2Jonas DevouassouxFRAQ
3Patrick KollerAUT
ACAnton GrimusAUSDNF

Heat 4

1Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRAQ
2Jonathan MidolFRAQ
3Daniel BohnackerGER

Heat 5

1Brady LemanCANQ
2Thomas FischerGERQ
3Christoph WahrstötterAUT
4Alex FivaSUI

Heat 6

1John EklundSWEQ
2Arnaud BovolentaFRAQ
3Michael ForslundSWE
4Dave DuncanCAN

Heat 7

1Filip FlisarSLOQ
2Florian EiglerGERQ
3Tomáš KrausCZE
ACChristian MithasselNORDNF

Heat 8

1Didrik JuellNORQ
2Andreas SchauerGERQ
3Chris Del BoscoCAN
4Thomas ZangerlAUT

Quarter-Finals (20 February 2014 — 14:05)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1

1Armin NiedererSUIQ
2Yegor KorotkovRUSQ
3Victor Öhling NorbergSWE
4Jouni PellinenFIN

Heat 2

1Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRAQ
2Jonathan MidolFRAQ
3Jonas DevouassouxFRA
4Andreas MattAUT

Heat 3

1Brady LemanCANQ
2Arnaud BovolentaFRAQ
3John EklundSWE
ACThomas FischerGERDNF

Heat 4

1Filip FlisarSLOQ
2Florian EiglerGERQ
3Andreas SchauerGER
4Didrik JuellNOR

Semi-Finals (20 February 2014 — 14:25)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to Big Final.

Heat 1

1Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRAQ
2Jonathan MidolFRAQ
3Yegor KorotkovRUS
4Armin NiedererSUI

Heat 2

1Brady LemanCANQ
2Arnaud BovolentaFRAQ
3Florian EiglerGER
4Filip FlisarSLO

Final Round (20 February 2014 — 14:41)

Final A

1Jean-Frédéric ChapuisFRA
2Arnaud BovolentaFRA
3Jonathan MidolFRA
4Brady LemanCAN

Final B (14:41)

1Yegor KorotkovRUS
2Filip FlisarSLO
3Armin NiedererSUI
4Florian EiglerGER