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Normal Hill, Individual, Women

Date11 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Pryzhkov Na Lyzhakh s Tramplina "Russkiye Gorki", Mountain Cluster, Esto-Sadok
Participants30 from 12 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Judge #1Stefan ThomaITA
Judge #2Ole WalsethNOR
Judge #3Christian WürstenSUI
Judge #4Yury KalininRUS
Judge #5Hermann KothleitnerAUT
DetailsK-Point: 95 m

Women’s ski-jumping finally found its place on the Olympic program, albeit with just one event on the normal hill. Japan’s Sara Takanashi was considered the favorite, but after the first round she was only ranked third with a jump of 100.0 m. The surprise leader was German Carina Vogt with the longest jump of 103.0 m followed by France’s Coline Mattel. Even though she was second in the season’s World Cup standings, the 22-year-old German had never won a World Cup event, but nine podiums indicated her ability.

Going in reverse order, Austrian Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, who was fifth after the first round with a jump of 98.5 m, landed a wind-assisted jump of 104.5 m, the longest of the competition, taking the lead with just four jumpers remaining. The next jumper – Italian Evelyn Insam – failed to surpass her score as did Takanashi, who missed the podium. Her second jump of 98.5 m left her in fourth place, after 19 consecutive World Cup podiums prior to the Games and 10 wins in 13 events this season.

Mattel, ranked second after the first round, managed only 97.5 m, but her style points gave her a combined score of 245.2 points to win the bronze medal. Carina Vogt, jumping last, could only equal Mattel’s distance, but her combined score of 247.4 was just enough to win the gold medal and to become the first ever women’s Olympic champion in ski jumping. Although Vogt’s second jump was 7.0 m short of the Austrian’s, superior style marks, her telemark landing and wind compensation points gave her the victory, beating Iraschko-Stolz by 1.2 points, with bronze medalist Mattel only point further back.

Besides a disappointed Takanashi, reigning American world champion Sarah Hendrickson also fell far short of her best performance finishing only 21st after returning from a knee injury.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1Carina VogtGER247.4126.8 (1)120.6 (5)Gold
2Daniela Iraschko-StolzAUT246.2120.2 (5)126.0 (1)Silver
3Coline MattelFRA245.2125.7 (2)119.5 (8)Bronze
4Sara TakanashiJPN243.0124.1 (3)118.9 (9)
5Evelyn InsamITA242.2120.5 (4)121.7 (4)
6Maja VtičSLO241.9120.1 (6)121.8 (3)
7Yuki ItoJPN241.8117.4 (10)124.4 (2)
8Maren LundbyNOR235.5115.5 (13)120.0 (6)
9Line JahrNOR234.6117.7 (9)116.9 (11)
10Jessica JeromeUSA234.1116.3 (12)117.8 (10)
11Katja PožunSLO233.6113.9 (17)119.7 (7)
12Atsuko TanakaCAN231.3117.8 (8)113.5 (12)
13Taylor HenrichCAN230.4118.2 (7)112.2 (14)
14Helena SmebyNOR228.3115.0 (15)113.3 (13)
15Lindsey VanUSA227.2116.4 (11)110.8 (15)
16Irina AvvakumovaRUS222.2114.4 (16)107.8 (19)
17Julia KykkänenFIN221.5115.1 (14)106.4 (20)
18Bigna WindmüllerSUI220.7112.3 (20)108.4 (18)
19Julia ClairFRA218.5113.8 (18)104.7 (22)
20Léa LemareFRA218.1107.9 (22)110.2 (16)
21Sarah HendricksonUSA217.6112.4 (19)105.2 (21)
22Ulrike GräßlerGER214.9110.5 (21)104.4 (24)
23Katharina AlthausGER211.8103.2 (24)108.6 (17)
24Gyda EngerNOR209.7105.8 (23)103.9 (25)
25Chiara HölzlAUT207.1102.5 (25)104.6 (23)
26Špela RogeljSLO199.6102.0 (26)97.6 (27)
27Eva LogarSLO199.1100.1 (28)99.0 (26)
28Gianina ErnstGER192.7100.3 (27)92.4 (29)
29Elena RunggaldierITA179.686.2 (29)93.4 (28)
30Yurina YamadaJPN115.773.3 (30)42.4 (30)