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Boardercross, Women

Date16 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana / Ekstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants24 from 14 countries
Course SetterUwe BeierGER
Course BuilderDavid NySWE
Venue detailsCourse Length: 750 m
Features: 22
Start Altitude: 1187 m
Vertical Drop: 172 m

American Lindsey Jacobellis, by far the greatest ever female boarder-cross competitor, was the pre-event favorite. Jacobellis had won a silver in 2006 when she hot-dogged near the end of the final run while leading, only to fall, and drop to second place. In 2010, she had struggled and placed only fifth. But she came to Sochi with three World Championships and eight victories in the Winter X-Games. Her biggest competition was expected to come from Canadian defending champion Maëlle Ricker, but Ricker had broken her wrist a few weeks before and competed wearing a brace.

It was not to be for Jacobellis, who crashed and fell in the semi-finals. She won the B Final to place seventh, but left Sochi without the Olympic gold medal she most coveted. With her out of the A Final, Czech Eva Samková won the gold medal by taking an early lead and was never headed. She had used this strategy throughout to stay out of the crashes that affected many of the competitors. The silver went to Canada’s Dominique Maltais, who had won bronze at Vancouver, while France’s teenager Chloe Trespeuch took the bronze in Sochi.

11Eva SamkováCZEGold
23Dominique MaltaisCANSilver
313Chloé TrespeuchFRABronze
49Faye GuliniUSA
511Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL
618Michela MoioliITA
72Lindsey JacobellisUSA
87Belle BrockhoffAUS
914Zoë GillingsGBR
1020Simona MeilerSUI
118Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
1221Susanne MollAUT
1310Sandra GerberSUI
1412Isabel ClarkBRA
1516Déborah AnthoniozFRA
1619Raffaella BruttoITA
175Charlotte BankesFRA
1815Torah BrightAUS
1917Maria RambergerAUT
2022Bell BerghuisNED
214Maëlle RickerCAN
226Yuka FujimoriJPN
2324Jackie HernandezUSA
2423Helene OlafsenNOR

Qualifying Round (16 February 2014 — 11:00)

Top twelve of first run seeded first, followed by second run.

PosNrBoarderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
15Eva SamkováCZE1:20.611:20.61 (1)
215Lindsey JacobellisUSA1:21.401:21.40 (2)
316Dominique MaltaisCAN1:22.261:22.26 (3)
411Maëlle RickerCAN1:22.441:22.44 (4)
513Charlotte BankesFRA1:23.121:23.12 (5)
614Yuka FujimoriJPN1:23.221:23.22 (6)
719Belle BrockhoffAUS1:23.221:23.22 (7)1
810Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA1:23.501:23.50 (8)
92Faye GuliniUSA1:23.961:23.96 (9)
1023Sandra GerberSUI1:24.101:24.10 (10)
118Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL1:24.291:24.29 (11)
1218Isabel ClarkBRA1:24.311:24.31 (12)
1312Chloé TrespeuchFRA1:23.431:24.47 (13)1:23.43 (1)
149Zoë GillingsGBR1:23.781:24.72 (=15)1:23.78 (2)
1522Torah BrightAUS1:23.961:25.32 (20)1:23.96 (3)
1624Déborah AnthoniozFRA1:24.231:24.78 (17)1:24.23 (4)
1721Maria RambergerAUT1:24.451:24.55 (14)1:24.45 (5)
183Michela MoioliITA1:24.721:24.72 (=15)– (DNS)
197Raffaella BruttoITA1:25.111:25.11 (18)– (DNS)
204Simona MeilerSUI1:25.171:25.17 (19)1:25.47 (6)
2120Susanne MollAUT1:25.431:25.43 (21)– (AC)
2217Bell BerghuisNED1:28.191:28.19 (22)1:28.70 (7)
AC1Helene OlafsenNOR– (AC)– (DNS)DNF
AC6Jackie HernandezUSA– (AC)– (DNS)DNF

Quarter-Finals (16 February 2014 — 13:15)

First three of each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (13:15)

1Eva SamkováCZEQ
2Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRAQ
3Faye GuliniUSAQ
4Déborah AnthoniozFRA
5Maria RambergerAUT
DNSJackie HernandezUSA

Heat 2

1Chloé TrespeuchFRAQ
2Simona MeilerSUIQ
3Susanne MollAUTQ
4Isabel ClarkBRA
5Charlotte BankesFRA
ACMaëlle RickerCANDNF

Heat 3

1Dominique MaltaisCANQ
2Aleksandra ZhekovaBULQ
3Zoë GillingsGBRQ
4Raffaella BruttoITA
5Bell BerghuisNED
6Yuka FujimoriJPN

Heat 4

1Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
2Michela MoioliITAQ
3Belle BrockhoffAUSQ
4Sandra GerberSUI
5Torah BrightAUS
DNSHelene OlafsenNOR

Semi-Finals (16 February 2014 — 13:30)

First three of each heat advance to final, losers advance to Final B.

Heat 1 (13:30)

1Eva SamkováCZEQ
2Chloé TrespeuchFRAQ
3Faye GuliniUSAQ
4Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
ACSusanne MollAUTDQ
ACSimona MeilerSUIDQ

Heat 2

1Dominique MaltaisCAN
2Aleksandra ZhekovaBULQ
3Michela MoioliITAQ
4Zoë GillingsGBRQ
5Belle BrockhoffAUS
6Lindsey JacobellisUSA

Final Round (16 February 2014 — 13:40)

Final A

1Eva SamkováCZE
2Dominique MaltaisCAN
3Chloé TrespeuchFRA
4Faye GuliniUSA
5Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL
ACMichela MoioliITADNF

Final B (13:40)

1Lindsey JacobellisUSA
2Belle BrockhoffAUS
3Zoë GillingsGBR
4Simona MeilerSUI
5Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
DNSSusanne MollAUT