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Double York Round, Men

Date17 – 18 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants27 from 3 countries
Format72 arrows at 100 yards (91.4 metres), 48 arrows at 80 yards (73.2 metres), and 24 arrows at 60 yards (54.9 metres) on each day (288 arrows in all).

William Dod led after the first day, scoring 403 with 91 hits, to lead Reginald Brooks-King, who posted marks of 393 and 93. John Penrose was 3rd after day one, with Henry Richardson only in 5th place. On Saturday, Richardson had the highest score, with 417 points and 93 hits, followed by Dod who scored 412 with 94 hits. However, Dod’s marks sufficed to keep him in the lead and earn him the gold medal.

William Dod was certainly not favored. Since 1900, the British National Championship had been divided among Brooks-King (5 titles - 1900, 1902-03, 1906, 1908), with John Penrose, John Bridges, Eyre Hussey, and Hugh Nesham winning a single championship.

Dod would win his only British title in 1909. He was the brother of Lottie Dod, the runner-up in the women’s archery, and likely the greatest female all-arounder in British sporting history. They were appropriately descended from Sir Antony Dod of Edge, who commanded the English archers at Agincourt. From a wealthy family, William Dod never had to worry about school or work, and spent his time in the pursuit of his sporting interests. He was also quite accomplished in golf and big game hunting.

1William DodGBR81518513Gold
2Reginald Brooks-KingGBR7681847Silver
3Henry RichardsonUSA7601708Bronze
4John PenroseGBR7091759
5John BridgesGBR68716515
6Harold JamesGBR6521560
7Theodore RobinsonGBR64715317
8Hugh NeshamGBR6431537
9John KeyworthGBR6221629
10Charles KeeneGBR5431316
11Capel PownallGBR5321417
12Joseph StopfordGBR53012417
13Robert BackhouseGBR5161229
14Robert HeathcoteGBR4761187
15Geoffrey CornewallGBR4301127
16Henri BertonFRA425958
17Eugène RichezFRA4181103
18Charles CoatesGBR4131093
19Eugène GrisotFRA41010010
20Louis VernetFRA3851035
21Richard Bagnall-OakeleyGBR374944
22Louis-Albert SalingréFRA347876
23Albert DauchezFRA280684
24Charles QuervelFRA241631
25Édouard BeaudoinFRA215594
26Gustave CabaretFRA191534
27Alfred PoupartFRA36100