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Continental Style, Men

Date20 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants25 from 3 countries
Format40 arrows shot at 50 metres.

Continental style refers to the fact that the arrows for this distance were shot one at a time, as opposed to proper rounds in which the arrows are shot in flights of three. Eight British archers competed unofficially in this event, at the request of the French archers, according to the Official Report. We have listed them among the official contestants to indicate approximately where they would have placed, but they had no official placings. All eight had also competed in the Gentlemen’s Double York Round. The leader among the unofficial contestants, Robert Backhouse, would have finished second and was awarded a Diploma of Merit for his efforts.

Little is known about the winner, Eugène Grisot. But 12 years later, at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Grisot competed in the Olympics again in archery, winning three medals in the team events that year, finishing his Olympic career with one gold, two silvers, and one bronze medal.

1Eugène GrisotFRA263399Gold
2Louis VernetFRA256407Silver
3Gustave CabaretFRA2553910Bronze
4Charles AubrasFRA231398
5Charles QuervelFRA223379
6Albert DauchezFRA2223710
7Louis-Albert SalingréFRA215397
8Henri BertonFRA212408
9Eugène RichezFRA210389
10Édouard BeaudoinFRA206343
11Charles ValléeFRA193375
12John KeyworthGBR190384
13Émile FisseuxFRA185376
14Jean-Louis de la CroixFRA177373
15Henry RichardsonUSA171334
16Alfred PoupartFRA155353
17Oscar JayFRA134340
ACRobert BackhouseGBR260409Unofficial competitor
ACHugh NeshamGBR221377Unofficial competitor
ACRichard Bagnall-OakeleyGBR214345Unofficial competitor
ACRobert HeathcoteGBR183374Unofficial competitor
ACJoseph StopfordGBR182344Unofficial competitor
ACCapel PownallGBR171352Unofficial competitor
ACJohn BridgesGBR155353Unofficial competitor
ACGeoffrey CornewallGBR144320Unofficial competitor