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Singles, Men

Date8 – 11 April 1896
LocationPodilatodromio Neou Falirou, Peiraias / Homilos Antisfairiseos Athinon, Athina
Participants13 from 6 countries
FormatQualifying pools advanced to single-elimination semi-finals.

This tournament was essentially a single-elimination event, although the Greek organizers split the 15-person draw into four “groups”, A, B, G, and D (α, β, γ, δ), with the winner of each group advancing to the semi-finals. The groups were played by a single-elimination system. The reason for four groups was to guarantee four semi-finalists, a situation which did not occur in wrestling nor in the men’s doubles. A player who withdrew would then affect only the matches within the group. According to the ancient Greek system for elimination tournaments, a new draw was made for each round with all the remaining participants. If there was an odd number remaining someone would receive a bye.

Most of the results of the early matches are not known. John Pius Boland was a student at Christ’s College, Oxford in 1894 when he invited a Greek friend, Konstantinos Manos to speak at the Oxford Union. Manos invited Boland to spend the 1896 Easter holiday in Greece during the Olympics. Boland then entered the tennis tournament, although he was not a well-known tournament player. Boland, an Irishman, later became a member of the British parliament for South Kerry from 1900 to 1918.

1John Pius BolandGBRGold
2Demetrius CasdagliGRESilver
=3Momcsilló TapaviczaHUNBronze
=3Konstantinos PaspatisGREBronze
=5Aristidis AkratopoulosGRE
=5Evangelos RallisGRE
=5Kostas AkratopoulosGRE
=8D. FrangopoulosGRE
=8J. DefertFRA
=8Fritz TraunGER
=8Dimitrios PetrokokkinosGRE
=8George Stuart RobertsonGBR
=8Teddy FlackAUS
DNSFred MarshallGBR
DNSGeorge MarshallGBR
DNSAndré VacherotFRA

Round One (8 – 10 April 1896)

Winner of pool advanced to the semi-finals.

Pool Α (8 – 9 April 1896)

1Konstantinos PaspatisGRE20Q
2Aristidis AkratopoulosGRE11
=3Teddy FlackAUS01
=3George Stuart RobertsonGBR01
Match #1 Aristidis AkratopoulosGRE Teddy FlackAUS
Match #2 Konstantinos PaspatisGRE George Stuart RobertsonGBR
Match #3 Konstantinos PaspatisGRE Aristidis AkratopoulosGRE

Pool Β (8 – 9 April 1896)

1John Pius BolandGBR20Q
2Evangelos RallisGRE11
=3Fritz TraunGER01
=3Dimitrios PetrokokkinosGRE01
Match #1 Evangelos RallisGRE Dimitrios PetrokokkinosGRE
Match #2 John Pius BolandGBR Fritz TraunGER
Match #3 John Pius BolandGBR Evangelos RallisGRE 6-0, 2-6, 6-2

Pool Γ (8 April 1896)

1Momcsilló TapaviczaHUN10Q
2D. FrangopoulosGRE01
DNSFred MarshallGBR
DNSGeorge MarshallGBR
Match #1 Fred MarshallGBR George MarshallGBR
Match #2 Momcsilló TapaviczaHUN D. FrangopoulosGRE

Pool Δ (9 – 10 April 1896)

1Demetrius CasdagliGRE20Q
=2J. DefertFRA01
=2Kostas AkratopoulosGRE01
DNSAndré VacherotFRA
Match #1 Demetrius CasdagliGRE J. DefertFRA
Match #2 Demetrius CasdagliGRE Kostas AkratopoulosGRE

Semi-Finals (10 April 1896 — 09:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the final.

Match #1 John Pius BolandGBR Konstantinos PaspatisGRE
Match #2 Demetrius CasdagliGRE Momcsilló TapaviczaHUN

Final Round (11 April 1896 — 14:00)

Match 1/2 1 John Pius BolandGBR 2Demetrius CasdagliGRE 6-2, 6-2