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100 metres Freestyle For Sailors, Men

Date11 April 1896
LocationOrmos tes Zeas, Peiraias
Participants3 from 1 countries
FormatFinal only.

There were 11 entrants but only the three finishers eventually started the race. Because this race was exclusively for sailors from the Greek navy, its inclusion in the Olympic records is dubious at best.

1Ioannis MalokinisGRE2:20.4GoldOR
2Spyros KhazapisGRESilver
3Dimitrios DrivasGREBronze
DNSNik. KourakosGRE
DNSK. KourkoulasGRE
DNSP. MikhalopoulosGRE
DNSK. SalourosGRE
DNSD. SantanisGRE
DNSN. StournarasGRE