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Singles, Covered Courts, Women

Date6 – 11 May 1912
LocationTennispaviljongen, Stockholm, Sweden
Participants8 from 3 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

With only eight players, and none of the top British women, this event was not of the top international calibre. Edith Hannam, who won the event without losing a set, had made it to the All-Comers’ final at Wimbledon in 1911. Born Edith Boucher, she married Francis Hannam in 1909 and settled briefly in Canada, after which she stopped competing. But on returning to Britain she resumed playing, and won five Welsh singles’ championships between 1912 and 1923.

1Edith HannamGBRGold
2Sofie CastenschioldDENSilver
3Mabel PartonGBRBronze
4Sigrid FickSWE
=5Edith ArnheimSWE
=5Annie HolmströmSWE
=5Helen AitchisonGBR
8Margareta CederschiöldSWE
DNSMarie DecugisFRA
DNSElsa MagnussonSWE

Round One

Date6 May 1912 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #106 MayEdith ArnheimSWEbye
Match #206 MayEdith HannamGBRbye
Match #3Marie DecugisFRAbye
Match #406 May 11:00Mabel PartonGBR6-0, 6-1Margareta CederschiöldSWE
Match #506 MaySigrid FickSWEElsa MagnussonSWEwalkover
Match #606 MayAnnie HolmströmSWEbye
Match #706 MaySofie CastenschioldDENbye
Match #806 MayHelen AitchisonGBRbye


Date6 – 7 May 1912
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #107 May 16:00Edith HannamGBR7-5, 6-1Edith ArnheimSWE
Match #2Mabel PartonGBRMarie DecugisFRAwalkover
Match #306 May 12:00Sigrid FickSWE6-1, 6-1Annie HolmströmSWE
Match #406 May 17:00Sofie CastenschioldDEN2-6, 6-2, 6-1Helen AitchisonGBR


Date9 – 10 May 1912
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final.
Match #109 May 16:30Edith HannamGBR7-5, 6-2Mabel PartonGBR
Match #210 May 12:00Sofie CastenschioldDEN6-4, 6-4Sigrid FickSWE

Final Round

Date11 May 1912
Match 1/211 May 13:00Edith HannamGBR6-4, 6-3Sofie CastenschioldDEN
Match 3/411 May 12:00Mabel PartonGBR6-3, 6-3Sigrid FickSWE