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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date19 – 20 July 1924
LocationPiscine des Tourelles, Saint-Mandé
Participants10 from 5 countries

The inaugural Olympic women’s backstroke event had a clear favourite; Sybil Bauer arrived in Paris as world record holder and claimed an unbeaten record in backstroke competition. At the Olympics she dominated the field and finished four seconds ahead of the silver medallist, in comparison 3.8 seconds covered the other four swimmers in the final. Sybil Bauer’s career was brief but sensational; a highlight being a race in 1922 she bettered the men’s world record for the 440 yards backstroke by four clear seconds. She set 23 official world records in her career but did not live to defend her Olympic championship. In January 1927 she died just weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Shortly prior to her premature death, she had become engaged to a New York sportswriter, Ed Sullivan, who later hosted a very popular television variety show

1Sybil BauerUSA1:24.0 (1 h1)1:23.2 (1)Gold
2Phyllis HardingGBR1:29.6 (2 h1)1:27.4 (2)Silver
3Aileen RigginUSA1:29.6 (1 h2)1:28.2 (3)Bronze
4Florence ChambersUSA1:32.0 (3 h1)1:30.8 (4)
5Jarmila MüllerováTCH1:37.0 (2 h2)1:31.2 (5)
3 h2 r1/2Helen BoyleGBR1:43.0 (3 h2)
4 h1 r1/2Ellen KingGBR1:38.2 (4 h1)
4 h2 r1/2Alice StoffelFRA1:44.0 (4 h2)
5 h1 r1/2Lucienne RouetFRA1:43.8 (5 h1)
5 h2 r1/2Renée BrasseurLUX1:51.4 (5 h2)
DNSRigmor OlsenDEN– (DNS h1)

Semi-Finals (19 July 1924 — 15:00)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Sybil BauerUSA1:24.0QOR
2Phyllis HardingGBR1:29.6Q
3Florence ChambersUSA1:32.0q
4Ellen KingGBR1:38.2
5Lucienne RouetFRA1:43.8
DNSRigmor OlsenDEN

Heat Two

1Aileen RigginUSA1:29.6Q
2Jarmila MüllerováTCH1:37.0Q
3Helen BoyleGBR1:43.0
4Alice StoffelFRA1:44.0
5Renée BrasseurLUX1:51.4

Final (20 July 1924 — 15:00)

1Sybil BauerUSA1:23.2OR
2Phyllis HardingGBR1:27.4
3Aileen RigginUSA1:28.2
4Florence ChambersUSA1:30.8
5Jarmila MüllerováTCH1:31.2