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Individual, Men

Date24 – 27 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen / Floraliën, Middelheimpark, Antwerpen / Schietbaan, Het Kiel, Antwerpen / Zwemstadion van Antwerpen, Antwerpen
Participants23 from 8 countries
FormatPoint-for-place scoring.

Very little was written about the 1920 modern pentathlon in the newspapers and sporting journals and, thus, other than the results, we know little about the competition. Sweden dominated the event. Sweden’s Erik de Laval won the first event, the shooting, but after the second event, swimming, the lead was taken by his teammate, Gösta Runö. Their countryman Gustaf Dyrssen took the lead after the fencing competition and held it throughout to win quite easily. In addition to his gold medal, he was awarded possession of the Challenge Prize that had been donated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The United States’ Robert Sears was in third place after three events, but faltered in the riding and cross-country running, and finished eighth. The medals were taken by the above three Swedes. There was no team competition but, had there been, Sweden would have had a perfect score as they swept the first four places.

1Gustaf DyrssenSWE18Gold
2Erik de LavalSWE23Silver
3Gösta RunöSWE27Bronze
4Bengt UgglaSWE46
5Marius ChristensenDEN47
6Harold RaynerUSA48
7Emil HagelbergFIN51
8Robert SearsUSA51
9Georges BruléFRA57
10Ejner Hugo AugsburgDEN57
11Edward ClarkeGBR60
12Harry Lorenz BjørnholmDEN61
13Arne TellefsenNOR62
14Olliver SmithNOR66
15Hugh BousteadGBR66
16André FoucherFRA67
17Thomas Wand-TetleyGBR69
18Guillaume CandelonFRA71
19Jean MondielliFRA72
20Johan Herluf SkjoldagerDEN77
21Edward GedgeGBR78
22Adriano LanzaITA91
DNFKalle KainuvaaraFIN