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Team, Men

Date11 – 15 October 1964
LocationNezu Park, Asaka, Saitama / Memorial Hall, Waseda Daigaku, Shinjuku, Tokyo / Asaka Shooting Range, Nezu Park, Asaka, Saitama / Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo / Combined Athletic Grounds, Tokyo Daigaku, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Participants33 from 11 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from adjusted individual scores. Scores adjusted in the fencing competition. Three-man scores with all scores counting.

The two best teams were considered to be the Soviet Union and Hungary, with the United States a solid third. Hungary had won the Olympic team title in 1952 and 1960, while the Soviets won in 1956. At the World Championships, Hungary had won in 1954, 1955, and 1963, while the USSR won five consecutive titles between 1957 and 1962. In Tokyo, Hungary moved ahead after the fencing, with Austria second, the USA third, and the Soviets fourth. But the Soviet Union won the shooting phase to move into first place. The Americans outshot the Hungarians and moved into second, and that is how they would eventually finish – gold to the USSR, silver to the USA, and bronze to Hungary. Hungarian Ottó Török took one shot too many in his series and was given a 420-point penalty, which cost the Hungarian team mightily. The Soviet Union opened up a huge lead in the last two phases, while the United States held a very tight 15-point margin over the Magyars. Hungary was hampered by the absence of multiple World Champion András Balczó and his teammate István Moná. They were both in prison in 1964 after they were discovered to have smuggled watches out after a meet in Switzerland.

1Soviet UnionURS14,961Gold
Igor Novikov14,9615,0675,088
Albert Mokeyev14,9615,0394,963
Viktor Mineyev14,9614,8944,910
2United StatesUSA14,189Silver
James Moore14,1894,8914,846
Dave Kirkwood14,1894,7224,733
Paul Pesthy14,1894,5944,610
Ferenc Török14,1735,1165,075
Imre Nagy14,1734,8744,818
Ottó Török14,1734,3054,280
Bo Jansson14,0564,7604,725
Rolf Junefelt14,0564,6744,737
Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall14,0564,6654,594
Peter Macken13,7034,8974,847
Donald McMiken13,7034,5624,548
Duncan Page13,7034,2864,308
6Unified Team of GermanyGER13,599
Wolfgang Gödicke13,5994,6574,658
Uwe Adler13,5994,6544,589
Elmar Frings13,5994,4434,352
Keijo Vanhala13,5404,5364,629
Kari Kaaja13,5404,5014,461
Jorma Hotanen13,5404,4544,450
Shigeaki Uchino13,4024,6194,590
Yoshihide Fukutome13,4024,5874,589
Shigeki Mino13,4024,1964,223
9Great BritainGBR13,152
Benjamin Finnis13,1524,4924,437
Robert Phelps13,1524,4024,459
Jim Fox13,1524,2744,256
Udo Birnbaum12,6134,4244,430
Rudolf Trost12,6134,0994,125
Herbert Polzhuber12,6134,0474,058
David Bárcena11,5463,9743,987
Eduardo Flórez11,5463,8883,792
Enrique Padilla11,5463,7603,767