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Free Pistol, 50 metres, Team, Men

Date 1 August 1900
LocationCamp de Satory, Versailles
Participants20 from 4 countries
Format50 metres. 60 shots per individual with five shooters per team. 3,000 possible per Team; 600 possible per individual. Five six-shot strings.

This event was shot at a target of 50 cm in diameter with 10 scoring rings. The shooters took 60 shots for a possible 600 points each, for a team possible score of 3,000. The event was conducted concurrently with the individual free pistol event, with four teams, and 20 shooters taking part. Each team had five shooters with all five scores to count for the team total.

For the first and only time, the World Championships were held concurrently with the Olympics and the Olympic Champions also became World Champions. It was the fourth staging of the World Championships, having previously been held in Lyon (France) in 1897, Turin (Italy) 1898 and Loosduinen 1899 which, since 1923 has been a district of Den Haag (Netherlands). But, as all three editions were for rifle events only, Paris hosted the first pistol championships.

Switzerland won the gold medal, led by the individual champion, Conrad Karl Röderer, with France second. In third place, 327 points behind the runners-up, was Netherlands, with Belgium a further 53 points adrift in fourth place.

Conrad Karl Röderer2,271503
Konrad Stäheli2,271453
Louis Richardet2,271448
Friedrich Lüthi2,271435
Paul Probst2,271432
Achille Paroche2,203466
Louis Dutfoy2,203442
Léon Moreaux2,203435
Jules Trinité2,203431
Maurice Lecoq2,203429
Dirk Boest Gips1,876437
Henrik Sillem1,876408
Antoine Bouwens1,876390
Solko van den Bergh1,876331
Anthony Sweijs1,876310
Alban Rooman1,823405
Émile Thèves1,823404
Victor Robert1,823351
Pierre Eichhorn1,823345
Charles Lebègue1,823318