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Plain High, Men

Date14 – 15 July 1924
LocationPiscine des Tourelles, Saint-Mandé
Participants25 from 10 countries
Format5 and 10 metre platforms.

Australian Richmond Eve won this event in a seemingly close competition in the final round. But it was only close because of the actions of the fourth judge, who ranked Eve only equal seventh among the nine finalists. The other four judges ranked him no worse than second. This event was contested from 5- and 10-metre platforms, with four dives in each round, two compulsory and two optional. This was the last time a plain high diving event was contested at the Olympics.

1Dick EveAUSGold
2Johan JanssonSWESilver
3Harold ClarkeGBRBronze
4Ben ThrashUSA
5Raymond VincentFRA
6Pete DesjardinsUSA
7Reggie KnightGBR
8Arvid WallmanSWE
9Bud PinkstonUSA
4 p1 r1/2Erik AdlerzSWE
4 p2 r1/2Volmer OtzenDEN
4 p3 r1/2Émile DauvetFRA
5 p1 r1/2Yrjö ValkamaFIN
5 p2 r1/2Georges GarreauFRA
5 p3 r1/2Herold JanssonDEN
6 p1 r1/2Albert DickinGBR
6 p2 r1/2Hugo KoivuniemiFIN
6 p3 r1/2Jussi EloFIN
7 p1 r1/2Sven Palle SørensenDEN
7 p2 r1/2Henk LotgeringNED
7 p3 r1/2Santiago UlioESP
8 p1 r1/2Gustave Van HeymbeeckBEL
8 p2 r1/2Antonio de TortESP
8 p3 r1/2Henk HemsingNED
9 p1 r1/2Francisco OrtizESP

Round One (14 July 1924)

Top three in each pool advanced to the final round. Four dives, two compulsory and two optional

Round One Pool One

1Dick EveAUS13.5157.0Q
2Pete DesjardinsUSA13.5155.0Q
3Raymond VincentFRA17.0155.0Q
4Erik AdlerzSWE17.5151.0
5Yrjö ValkamaFIN19.5150.0
6Albert DickinGBR25.5141.0
7Sven Palle SørensenDEN36.0125.01
8Gustave Van HeymbeeckBEL41.0118.0
9Francisco OrtizESP41.5117.0

Round One Pool Two

1Arvid WallmanSWE8.5165.0Q
2Bud PinkstonUSA10.0157.0Q
3Reggie KnightGBR12.0156.0Q
4Volmer OtzenDEN22.0137.0
5Georges GarreauFRA27.0127.0
6Hugo KoivuniemiFIN28.0123.0
7Henk LotgeringNED32.5116.0
8Antonio de TortESP40.090.0

Round One Pool Three

1Harold ClarkeGBR9.0162.0Q
2Ben ThrashUSA17.0146.0Q
3Johan JanssonSWE17.0144.0Q
4Émile DauvetFRA19.5147.0
5Herold JanssonDEN21.0141.0
6Jussi EloFIN21.5141.0
7Santiago UlioESP36.0102.0
8Henk HemsingNED39.094.0

Final (15 July 1924)

Four dives, two compulsory and two optional

1Dick EveAUS13.5160.0
2Johan JanssonSWE14.5157.0
3Harold ClarkeGBR15.5158.0
4Ben ThrashUSA23.5145.0
5Raymond VincentFRA26.5144.0
6Pete DesjardinsUSA28.0141.0
7Reggie KnightGBR31.0137.0
8Arvid WallmanSWE31.5136.0
9Bud PinkstonUSA41.0125.0