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Platform, Women

Date6 – 7 December 1956
LocationOlympic Park Swimming and Diving Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants18 from 10 countries
Format10 metre platform.

The Americans swept the medals with the same threesome that had swept the medals in 1952. Pat McCormick won gold to complete her double-double, winning springboard and platform in both 1952 and 1956. The silver medal in Melbourne went to Juno Irwin, while Paula Jean Myers won bronze, as they reversed their positions from Helsinki. The event was closer than expected as Myers led the qualifying round of four dives, with McCormick only fourth, 1.68 points behind Myers. The final consisted of two optional dives, and McCormick posted the best score on each dive to win her fourth gold medal. This was the last medal sweep in women’s diving at the Olympics, and under current rules, it cannot occur again, as each nation is now limited to only two divers per event.

1Pat McCormickUSA84.85Gold
2Juno IrwinUSA81.64Silver
3Paula Jean MyersUSA81.58Bronze
4Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA78.80
5Tatyana KarakashiyantsURS76.95
6Lyubov ZhigalovaURS76.40
7Ann LongGBR76.15
8Birte HansonSWE75.21
9Raisa GorokhovskayaURS73.84
10Kanoko TsutaniJPN70.95
11Hatsuko HiroseJPN69.71
12Charmain WelshGBR69.05
13Eva PfarrhoferAUT46.02
14Barbara McAulayAUS45.67
15Hanna LaursenDEN35.39
16Rosalyn BartonAUS41.96
17Mary ProençaBRA36.71
18Adele PriceAUS35.28

Qualifying (6 December 1956 — 14:00)

Four compulsory dives. Top 12 advanced to the final.

1Paula Jean MyersUSA52.96Q
2Raisa GorokhovskayaURS52.64Q
3Tatyana KarakashiyantsURS52.19Q
4Pat McCormickUSA51.28Q
5Juno IrwinUSA50.81Q
6Birte HansonSWE50.48Q
7Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA50.02Q
8Lyubov ZhigalovaURS49.22Q
9Ann LongGBR49.15Q
10Kanoko TsutaniJPN48.45Q
11Charmain WelshGBR46.55Q
12Hatsuko HiroseJPN46.15Q
13Eva PfarrhoferAUT46.02
14Barbara McAulayAUS45.67
15Hanna LaursenDEN45.391
16Rosalyn BartonAUS41.962
17Mary ProençaBRA36.713
18Adele PriceAUS35.28

Final (7 December 1956 — 20:30)

Two optional dives. Score added to qualifying round score.

1Pat McCormickUSA84.8533.57
2Juno IrwinUSA81.6430.83
3Paula Jean MyersUSA81.5828.62
4Nicole Péllissard-DarrigrandFRA78.8028.78
5Tatyana KarakashiyantsURS76.9524.76
6Lyubov ZhigalovaURS76.4027.18
7Ann LongGBR76.1527.00
8Birte HansonSWE75.2124.73
9Raisa GorokhovskayaURS73.8421.20
10Kanoko TsutaniJPN70.9522.50
11Hatsuko HiroseJPN69.7123.56
12Charmain WelshGBR69.0522.50