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Long Jump, Men

Date 7 April 1896 — 14:40
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants9 from 5 countries
FormatFinal only.

Among the 18 final entries, nine competitors started in the broad jump, now usually called the long jump. There were three Americans, two Greeks, two Frenchmen, one German, and one Swede.

Very little is known about this competition except that it was won by Ellery Clark, who would later also win the high jump. His winning mark was 6.35 metres, with the USA sweeping the medals, Bob Garrett finishing second, and James Connolly third.

Clark made his winning leap on his last of three attempts, and wrote of it in his autobiography, Reminiscences of an Athlete, “It was little short of agony, I shall never forget my feelings as I stood at the end of the path for my third – and last – try. Five thousand miles, I reflected, I had come; and was it to end in this? Three fouls and then five thousand miles back again, with that for my memory of the Games.”

1Ellery ClarkUSA6.35GoldOR
2Bob GarrettUSA6.00Silver
3James B. ConnollyUSA5.84Bronze
4Alexandros ChalkokondylisGRE5.74
ACAlexandre TuffèriFRA
ACAthanasios SkaltsogiannisGRE
ACHenrik SjöbergSWE
ACCarl SchuhmannGER
ACAdolphe GriselFRA
DNSRalph DerrUSA
DNSKonstantinos MouratisGRE
DNSFritz TraunGER
DNSMomcsilló TapaviczaHUN
DNSAlfred FlatowGER
DNSFritz HofmannGER
DNSHermann WeingärtnerGER
DNSHarald ArbinSWE
DNSKurt DoerryGER
DNSCarl GalleGER
DNSNándor DániHUN
DNSAlajos SzokolyHUN
DNSTom CurtisUSA