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High Jump, Women

Date 7 August 1932 — 14:30
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Participants10 from 6 countries
FormatFinal only.

The silver medalist from 1928, Lien Gisolf of the Netherlands, was back and was the world record holder, having jumped 1.62 (5-3¾) in Amsterdam in June 1932. Also considered were Americans Jean Shiley and Babe Didrikson, who had tied at the US Olympic Trials with 1.60 (5-3). Gisolf cleared 1.58 (5-2¼) but missed at 1.60 (5-3), which was cleared by Shiley, Didrikson, and Canada’s Eva Dawes, deciding the medals. Dawes missed at 1.62 (5-3¾), getting the bronze medal. Shiley and Didrikson both cleared a world record 1.65 (5-5) on one attempt and then missed at 1.67 (5-5¾). A jump-off was ordered at 1.67 and both Americans had successful clearances on their first attempt. But after Didrikson’s jump, the officials convened and ruled that she had jumped head-first, which was then illegal, and was termed diving. This gave the gold medal to Jean Shiley. Didrikson later noted that she had jumped in the same style throughout the competition.

PosNrAthleteNOCHeight1.41 m1.44 m1.48 m1.50 m1.52 m1.55 m1.58 m1.60 m1.62 m1.65 m1.67 m1.67 m (jump-off)
1480Jean ShileyUSA1.65---oooooooxxxoGoldWR
2370Babe DidriksonUSA1.65---ooooooxoxxxxSilverWR
384Eva DawesCAN1.60---ooooxoxxxBronze
4233Lien GisolfNED1.58---ooxxooxxx
5376Marjorie ClarkRSA1.58---oxoxxoxxoxxx
6477Annette RogersUSA1.58----ooxxoxxx
7185Helma NotteGER1.55----xooxxx
8307Yuriko HirohashiJPN1.50---xxoxxx
9311Yae SagaraJPN1.50oooxxoxxx
10181Ellen BraumüllerGER1.41o---xxx