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Rope Climbing, Men1

Date10 April 1896 — 10:00
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants5 from 4 countries
FormatPlacements based on who climbed the highest on the 14-metre rope with ties broken based on time and style.

The rope climbing event was conducted outdoors on a rope hung from a specially designed frame that was 14 metres in height. The winner was based on height climbed. If no competitor reached the top of the rope, the winner was to be the climber achieving the greatest height. Thus, not reaching the top did not necessarily constitute a “did not finish.” Ties were broken based on points awarded for time and style, but point scores are not available.

Only the two Greeks, Nikolaos Andriakopoulos and Thomas Xenakis succeeded in climbing all the way to the top, with Andriakopoulos winning the championship based on a faster time, although Xenakis’ time is not recorded. Andriakopoulos was the first to climb, followed by Xenakis, Fritz Hoffmann, Launceston Elliot, and Viggo Jensen, in that order. Hofmann, Elliot, and Jensen stopped climbing when they realized they could not beat the Greek climbers.

1Nikolaos AndriakopoulosGRE23.414.0Gold
2Thomas XenakisGRE14.0Silver
3Fritz HofmannGER12.5Bronze
4Viggo JensenDEN
5Launceston ElliotGBR