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Horse Vault, Men

Date10 August 1932 — 8:00
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Participants10 from 4 countries
FormatSeparate competition unrelated to all-around, with specialists allowed to compete on the apparatus. Score based on two compulsory and two optional vaults on apparatus.

The horse vault had 10 gymnasts from four nations taking part, with each gymnast performing a compulsory and voluntary exercise. The event was held separately from the all-around. American Al Jochim led in the compulsory phase with 26.6, but was beaten out for the gold medal by Italian Savino Guglielmetti, who had the highest voluntary score. Third place was a tie between American Ed Carmichael, a specialist on the horse vault who had not competed in the all-around, and Finn Einari Teräsvirta, with Carmichael winning the bronze medal in a jump-off, 54.5 to 52.7, defeating Teräsvirta in both compulsory and voluntary vaults.

1Savino GuglielmettiITA54.126.427.7Gold
2Al JochimUSA53.326.626.7Silver
3Ed CarmichaelUSA52.626.226.454.526.328.2Bronze
4Einari TeräsvirtaFIN52.626.026.652.726.126.6
5Marcel GleyreUSA52.425.826.6
6István PelleHUN51.426.724.7
7Miklós PéterHUN50.924.226.7
8Mario LertoraITA49.225.224.0
9Péter BorosHUN48.824.224.6
10Heikki SavolainenFIN46.620.026.6