Artistic Gymnastics at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Dates 8 – 12 August 1932
Medal Events 11

The men’s gymnastics competitions in Los Angeles were the most extensive in Olympic history. In addition to the current Olympic Program of floor exercises, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rings, pommelled horse, and horse vault, competitions in tumbling, club swinging and rope climbing were also held. The floor exercises were held for the first time at the Olympic Games. Individual and team all-around competitions also took place, thus, there were fully 11 men’s gymnastics events. Women had competed at the 1928 Olympics in a team all-around but did not compete in 1932.

All competitions were performed outdoors at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, partly in the evening hours under floodlights. However, only seven countries took part: Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan and the United States with teams, as well as individual gymnasts from Mexico and Switzerland. The great star of the Games was Romeo Neri from Italy, winning three gold medals. He was followed by the Hungarian István Pelle and Heikki Savolainen from Finland.

One of the most unusual events was the demonstration by large groups of men and women on the evening of 10 August. Several different local groups, composed of Czechoslovak and Yugoslav Sokols, members of the Turnverein Germania, and Mexican and Japanese gymnasts, performed various gymnastic demonstrations in front of a large crowd. The Sokols performed to music, while the Turnvereins did individual and group exercises, with the Mexicans performing allegorical exercises and dances, all their performers dressed as Montezuma’s warriors, and the Japanese demonstrated their native athletic activities, including ken-dō (fencing with bamboo sticks) and ju-jitsu. There were approximately 1,000 athletes in the demonstration.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Individual All-Around, Men Olympic 8 – 10 August 1932 24 5
Team All-Around, Men Olympic 8 – 10 August 1932 24 5
Floor Exercise, Men Olympic 8 August 1932 25 6
Horse Vault, Men Olympic 10 August 1932 10 4
Parallel Bars, Men Olympic 12 August 1932 15 6
Horizontal Bar, Men Olympic 11 August 1932 12 6
Rings, Men Olympic 12 August 1932 14 6
Pommelled Horse, Men Olympic 11 August 1932 10 5
Rope Climbing, Men Olympic 10 August 1932 5 2
Club Swinging, Men Olympic 9 August 1932 4 2
Tumbling, Men Olympic 10 August 1932 4 2
46 (46/0) 7 (7/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual All-Around, Men Romeo NeriITA István PelleHUN Heikki SavolainenFIN
Team All-Around, Men ItalyITA United StatesUSA FinlandFIN
Floor Exercise, Men István PelleHUN Georges MiezSUI Mario LertoraITA
Horse Vault, Men Savino GuglielmettiITA Al JochimUSA Ed CarmichaelUSA
Parallel Bars, Men Romeo NeriITA István PelleHUN Heikki SavolainenFIN
Horizontal Bar, Men Dallas BixlerUSA Heikki SavolainenFIN Einari TeräsvirtaFIN
Rings, Men George GulackUSA Tom DentonUSA Giovanni LattuadaITA
Pommelled Horse, Men István PelleHUN Omero BonoliITA Frank HauboldUSA
Rope Climbing, Men Benny BassUSA Jack GalbraithUSA Tom ConnollyUSA
Club Swinging, Men George RothUSA Phil ErenbergUSA Bill KuhlemeierUSA
Tumbling, Men Rowland WolfeUSA Ed GrossUSA Bill HermannUSA

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States USA 5 6 5 16
Italy ITA 4 1 2 7
Hungary HUN 2 2 0 4
Finland FIN 0 1 4 5
Switzerland SUI 0 1 0 1