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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date30 July 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants23 from 16 countries

Just before this final, Alex Baumann won the men’s 400 IM, the first gold medal by a Canadian swimmer since 1912. Watching the race, Anne Ottenbrite had tears in her eyes, as she watched her teammate win. Ottenbrite had been placed on the Canadian Olympic squad despite being unable to swim at the Trials because of a recently dislocated kneecap. The favorite in this race, however, was Japan’s Hiroko Nagasaki who had the the best time in the world in 1983, 2:29.81. But she was bothered in LA by knee tendinitis and qualified only fifth. In the final Nagasaki and Ottenbrite went out in the lead, well ahead of Olympic record pace. But neither could maintain that pace, although Ottenbrite held on for the gold medal, coming home in 2:30.38. Nagasaki faded badly on the final lap and finished out of the medals in fourth. The silver went to American Susan Rapp, who came from nowhere in the final 50. She was trailed by the surprising Belgian Ingrid Lempereur, who came into Los Angeles with a PR of only 2:38.06, but improved that to 2:31.40 for the bronze.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Anne OttenbriteCAN2:33.43 (2 h1)2:30.38 (1)Gold
2Susan RappUSA2:33.46 (2 h2)2:31.15 (2)Silver
3Ingrid LempereurBEL2:32.46 (1 h1)2:31.40 (3)Bronze
4Hiroko NagasakiJPN2:34.46 (=1 h3)2:32.93 (4)
5Sharon KellettAUS2:33.23 (1 h2)2:33.60 (5)
6Ute HasseFRG2:34.46 (=1 h3)2:33.82 (6)
7Suki BrownsdonGBR2:35.54 (3 h2)2:35.07 (7)
8Kim RhodenbaughUSA2:35.54 (3 h3)2:35.51 (8)
9Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:35.75 (4 h3)2:36.23 (1)
10Petra van StaverenNED2:37.20 (5 h1)2:36.32 (2)
11Laura BelottiITA2:35.99 (4 h2)2:36.49 (3)
12Mary LubawskiCAN2:36.65 (4 h1)2:36.55 (4)
13Alicia María BoscattoARG2:36.38 (3 h1)2:36.96 (5)
14Annelie HolmströmSWE2:37.21 (5 h2)2:37.62 (6)
15Gaynor StanleyGBR2:38.54 (6 h2)2:39.32 (7)
16Dimity DouglasAUS2:38.47 (5 h3)2:39.33 (8)
17Sara GuidoMEX2:38.87 (6 h3)
18Petra HilleniusNED2:41.57 (7 h3)
19Kaori IwasakiJPN2:42.69 (6 h1)
20Guðrún ÁgústsdóttirISL2:44.85 (7 h2)
21Rosa María SilvaURU2:50.01 (8 h3)
22Chow Lai YeeHKG2:50.45 (7 h1)
23Isabel LardizábalHON3:04.26 (8 h2)

Round One (30 July 1984 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

12Ingrid LempereurBEL2:32.46Q
24Anne OttenbriteCAN2:33.43Q
33Alicia María BoscattoARG2:36.38q
45Mary LubawskiCAN2:36.65q
56Petra van StaverenNED2:37.20q
67Kaori IwasakiJPN2:42.69
71Chow Lai YeeHKG2:50.45

Heat Two

16Sharon KellettAUS2:33.23Q
24Susan RappUSA2:33.46Q
33Suki BrownsdonGBR2:35.54Q
45Laura BelottiITA2:35.99q
52Annelie HolmströmSWE2:37.21q
67Gaynor StanleyGBR2:38.54q
71Guðrún ÁgústsdóttirISL2:44.85
88Isabel LardizábalHON3:04.26

Heat Three

=14Hiroko NagasakiJPN2:34.46Q
=15Ute HasseFRG2:34.46Q
33Kim RhodenbaughUSA2:35.54Q
46Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:35.75q
52Dimity DouglasAUS2:38.47q
61Sara GuidoMEX2:38.87
77Petra HilleniusNED2:41.57
88Rosa María SilvaURU2:50.01

B Final (30 July 1984 — 17:18)

14Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:36.23
22Petra van StaverenNED2:36.32
35Laura BelottiITA2:36.49
46Mary LubawskiCAN2:36.55
53Alicia María BoscattoARG2:36.96
67Annelie HolmströmSWE2:37.62
78Gaynor StanleyGBR2:39.32
81Dimity DouglasAUS2:39.33

Final (30 July 1984 — 17:10)

13Anne OttenbriteCAN2:30.38
26Susan RappUSA2:31.15
34Ingrid LempereurBEL2:31.40
42Hiroko NagasakiJPN2:32.93
55Sharon KellettAUS2:33.60
67Ute HasseFRG2:33.82
71Suki BrownsdonGBR2:35.07
88Kim RhodenbaughUSA2:35.51