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Sabre, Masters, Individual, Men

Date23 – 27 June 1900
LocationLa Grande Salle des Fêtes de l'Exposition, Champs de Mars, Paris
Participants27 from 7 countries

Fencing masters events were contested among teaching professionals, and fencing was the only sport that allowed professionals in the early days of the Olympics. This event was been on the Olympic Program in 1900 and 1906. At Paris 27 fencers started, from an original entry list of 44. The details of round one are not known, but 16 fencers advanced to two round-robin semi-finals pools, with the top four in each pool advancing to a final of 8 fencers, who contested a round-robin pool to determine the final placements. Italy took the top two places with Antonio Conte going undefeated in the final pool, and his countryman, Italo Santelli, losing only his match against Conte.

1Antonio ConteITAGold
2Italo SantelliITASilver
3Milan NeralićAUTBronze
4François DelibesFRA
5Yulian MichauxRUS
6Xavier AnchettiFRA
7Pyotr ZakovorotRUS
5 p1 r2/3Lajos HorváthHUN
5 p2 r2/3Alexandre ChantelatFRA
6 p1 r2/3François Brun-BuissonFRA
6 p2 r2/3Georges PinaultFRA
7 p1 r2/3Charles ClappierFRA
7 p2 r2/3CamierFRA
8 p1 r2/3Orazio SantelliITA
8 p2 r2/3Louis MidelairFRA
AC r1/3Luc, Duke AlessandriFRA
AC r1/3AufortFRA
AC r1/3Charles BersinFRA
AC r1/3Henri CoquelinFRA
AC r1/3DambrematFRA
AC r1/3Vincent DargeinFRA
AC r1/3Henri DelamaideFRA
AC r1/3Márton EndrédyHUN
AC r1/3FlahautFRA
AC r1/3Marie-Joseph GabrielFRA
AC r1/3Otto SchoenfeldUSA

Round 1 (23 June 1900)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to semi-finals.

ACLuc, Duke AlessandriFRA
ACXavier AnchettiFRA
ACCharles BersinFRA
ACFrançois Brun-BuissonFRA
ACAlexandre ChantelatFRA
ACCharles ClappierFRA
ACAntonio ConteITA
ACHenri CoquelinFRA
ACVincent DargeinFRA
ACHenri DelamaideFRA
ACFrançois DelibesFRA
ACMárton EndrédyHUN
ACMarie-Joseph GabrielFRA
ACLajos HorváthHUN
ACYulian MichauxRUS
ACLouis MidelairFRA
ACMilan NeralićAUT
ACGeorges PinaultFRA
ACItalo SantelliITA
ACOrazio SantelliITA
ACOtto SchoenfeldUSA
ACPyotr ZakovorotRUS

Semi-Finals (25 June 1900)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Antonio ConteITA61
3François DelibesFRA52
4Milan NeralićAUT52
5Lajos HorváthHUN34
6François Brun-BuissonFRA16
7Charles ClappierFRA07
8Orazio SantelliITA34

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Italo SantelliITA61
2Yulian MichauxRUS61
3Pyotr ZakovorotRUS52
4Xavier AnchettiFRA43
5Alexandre ChantelatFRA34
6Georges PinaultFRA25
8Louis MidelairFRA07

Final Pool (27 June 1900 — 13:30)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostBBWBBL
1Antonio ConteITA70
2Italo SantelliITA61
3Milan NeralićAUT43
4François DelibesFRA3410
5Yulian MichauxRUS3401
6Xavier AnchettiFRA2510
7Pyotr ZakovorotRUS2501