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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Women

Date 3 August 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants56 from 13 countries
Olympic Record 4:06.67 WR / East Germany GDR / 20 July 1980

American women had already won the 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, and 100 butterfly in Los Angeles, so their victory in this event seemed assured, given that they did not have to face the East Germans. In the prelims this status became more solid when their biggest rivals, the Netherlands, seemed to have won the first heat in a Dutch record of 4:11.29, only to be disqualified for jumping too soon on an exchange. In heat two another challenger, Australia, was also disqualified for the same infraction. This made the final anti-climactic as the USA led from the first leg and won easily, recording 4:08.34 to lead West Germany by over 3½ seconds. Canada came in for the bronze medal, as two more teams, Japan and Sweden, were disqualified in the final. Three weeks later the East German medley relay team set another world record of 4:03.69 to win the Friendship Games, followed by the Soviet Union, which recorded 4:08.13.

1United StatesUSA4:09.23 (1 h2)4:08.34 (1)Gold
Theresa AndrewsTracy CaulkinsMary T. MeagherNancy HogsheadBetsy MitchellSusan RappJenna JohnsonCarrie Steinseifer
2West GermanyFRG4:13.58 (2 h2)4:11.97 (2)Silver
Svenja SchlichtUte HasseIna BeyermannKarin SeickAngelika Knipping (DNS)
3CanadaCAN4:15.70 (1 h1)4:12.98 (3)Bronze
Reema AbdoAnne OttenbriteMichelle MacPhersonPam Rai
4Great BritainGBR4:16.83 (3 h2)4:14.05 (4)
Beverley RoseJean HillNikki FibbensJune CroftSandra Bowman (DNS) • Ann Osgerby (DNS) • Catherine White (DNS)
5ItalyITA4:17.90 (3 h1)4:17.40 (5)
Manuela CarosiManuela Dalla ValleRoberta LanzarottiSilvia PersiGrazia Colombo (DNS) • Monica Olmi (DNS) • Cristina Quintarelli (DNS) • Carlotta Tagnin (DNS)
6SwitzerlandSUI4:20.55 (4 h1)4:19.02 (6)
Eva GyslingPatricia BrülhartCarole BrookMarie-Thérèse Armentero
=7JapanJPN4:17.59 (4 h2)– (AC)
Naomi SekidoHiroko NagasakiNaoko KumeKaori Yanase
=7SwedenSWE4:17.65 (2 h1)– (AC)
Anna-Karin ErikssonEva-Marie HåkanssonAgneta ErikssonMaria KardumPetra Hildér (DNS) • Annelie Holmström (DNS) • Agneta Mårtensson (DNS)
9People's Republic of ChinaCHN4:27.39 (5 h1)
Guo HuayingLiang WeifenLi JinlanDing Jilian
10Hong KongHKG4:38.62 (6 h1)
Lotta FlinkChow Lai YeeKathy WongFenella Ng
ACNetherlandsNED– (AC h1)DQ
Jolanda de RoverPetra van StaverenAnnemarie VerstappenDesi ReijersPetra Hillenius (DNS) • Conny van Bentum (DNS) • Brigitte van der Lans (DNS)
ACAustraliaAUS– (AC h2)DQ
Audrey MooreDimity DouglasLisa CurryAngela RussellSharon Kellett (DNS) • Georgina Parkes (DNS) • Janet Tibbits (DNS)
ACMexicoMEX– (AC h2)DQ
Teresa RiveraSara GuidoMaría UrbinaPatricia Kohlmann

Round One (3 August 1984 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Reema Abdo1:04.971:04.97 (1)
Anne Ottenbrite1:11.722:16.69 (1)
Michelle MacPherson1:02.313:19.00 (1)
Pam Rai56.704:15.70 (1)
Anna-Karin Eriksson1:05.331:05.33 (3)
Eva-Marie Håkansson1:12.212:17.54 (3)
Agneta Eriksson1:02.233:19.77 (2)
Maria Kardum57.884:17.65 (2)
Manuela Carosi1:05.081:05.08 (2)
Manuela Dalla Valle1:11.802:16.88 (2)
Roberta Lanzarotti1:03.563:20.44 (3)
Silvia Persi57.464:17.90 (3)
Eva Gysling1:05.801:05.80 (4)
Patricia Brülhart1:12.672:18.47 (4)
Carole Brook1:03.733:22.20 (4)
Marie-Thérèse Armentero58.354:20.55 (4)
57People's Republic of ChinaCHN4:27.39
Guo Huaying1:09.921:09.92 (6)
Liang Weifen1:14.832:24.75 (5)
Li Jinlan1:03.383:28.13 (5)
Ding Jilian59.264:27.39 (5)
61Hong KongHKG4:38.62
Lotta Flink1:09.781:09.78 (5)
Chow Lai Yee1:19.452:29.23 (6)
Kathy Wong1:06.703:35.93 (6)
Fenella Ng1:02.694:38.62 (6)
Jolanda de Rover– (AC)
Petra van Staveren– (AC)
Annemarie Verstappen– (AC)
Desi Reijers– (AC)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA4:09.23Q
Betsy Mitchell1:02.561:02.56 (1)
Susan Rapp1:11.492:14.05 (1)
Jenna Johnson59.373:13.42 (1)
Carrie Steinseifer55.814:09.23 (1)
25West GermanyFRG4:13.58Q
Svenja Schlicht1:03.551:03.55 (2)
Ute Hasse1:11.722:15.27 (2)
Ina Beyermann1:01.913:17.18 (2)
Karin Seick56.404:13.58 (2)
32Great BritainGBR4:16.83Q
Beverley Rose1:04.811:04.81 (3)
Jean Hill1:13.232:18.04 (4)
Nikki Fibbens1:02.033:20.07 (4)
June Croft56.764:16.83 (3)
Naomi Sekido1:05.861:05.86 (4)
Hiroko Nagasaki1:12.042:17.90 (3)
Naoko Kume1:01.743:19.64 (3)
Kaori Yanase57.954:17.59 (4)
Audrey Moore– (AC)
Dimity Douglas– (AC)
Lisa Curry– (AC)
Angela Russell– (AC)
Teresa Rivera– (AC)
Sara Guido– (AC)
María Urbina– (AC)
Patricia Kohlmann– (AC)

Final (3 August 1984 — 17:50)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA4:08.34
Theresa Andrews1:04.001:04.00 (2)
Tracy Caulkins1:11.032:15.03 (2)
Mary T. Meagher58.043:13.07 (1)
Nancy Hogshead55.274:08.34 (1)
25West GermanyFRG4:11.97
Svenja Schlicht1:03.201:03.20 (1)
Ute Hasse1:11.492:14.69 (1)
Ina Beyermann1:01.273:15.96 (2)
Karin Seick56.014:11.97 (2)
Reema Abdo1:04.191:04.19 (4)
Anne Ottenbrite1:10.872:15.06 (3)
Michelle MacPherson1:01.283:16.34 (3)
Pam Rai56.644:12.98 (3)
46Great BritainGBR4:14.05
Beverley Rose1:04.141:04.14 (3)
Jean Hill1:12.002:16.14 (4)
Nikki Fibbens1:01.833:17.97 (4)
June Croft56.084:14.05 (4)
Manuela Carosi1:05.481:05.48 (5)
Manuela Dalla Valle1:11.322:16.80 (5)
Roberta Lanzarotti1:03.503:20.30 (5)
Silvia Persi57.104:17.40 (5)
Eva Gysling1:05.611:05.61 (6)
Patricia Brülhart1:12.592:18.20 (6)
Carole Brook1:03.073:21.27 (6)
Marie-Thérèse Armentero57.754:19.02 (6)
Naomi Sekido– (AC)
Hiroko Nagasaki– (AC)
Naoko Kume– (AC)
Kaori Yanase– (AC)
Anna-Karin Eriksson– (AC)
Eva-Marie Håkansson– (AC)
Agneta Eriksson– (AC)
Maria Kardum– (AC)