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Extra-Lightweight (≤48 kilograms), Women

Date25 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants7 from 7 countries

Li Zhongyun had won the 1987 World Championship, and won a bronze medal at the 1986 Worlds. The silver medalist both years was Japan’s Fumiko Esaki. In Seoul both advanced to the final, winning their respective pools, with Li again defeating Esaki, this time by koka. Esaki would make a career of finishing second in this class, repeating that finish at the 1989 World Championship. Li would compete in Barcelona in 1992, winning a bronze medal. Dutchwoman Jessica Gal, 1987 world bronze medalist, who tied for sixth in Seoul, would compete at the Olympics again in 1992, 1996, and 2000, with a best finish of tied for fifth in 1992. One woman who did not compete was Britain’s Karen Briggs, world champion in 1982, 1984 and 1986, but she broke her leg in the first round at the 1987 World Championships and was not selected for the British team, which was called scandalous by some British writers.

1Li ZhongyunCHN
2Fumiko EzakiJPN
=3Jo Min-SeonKOR
=3Julie ReardonAUS
5Monica AngelucciBRA
=6Jessica GalNED
=6Chou Yu-PingTPE

Round One (25 September 1988)

Match #1 Jo Min-SeonKOR
Chou Yu-PingTPE
Match #2 Fumiko EzakiJPN walkover
Match #3 Monica AngelucciBRA
Jessica GalNED
Match #4 Li ZhongyunCHN
Ippon (1:40
Julie ReardonAUS

Semi-Finals (25 September 1988)

Match #1 Fumiko EzakiJPN
Jo Min-SeonKOR
Match #2 Li ZhongyunCHN
Ippon (3:54)
Monica AngelucciBRA

Repêchage (25 September 1988)

Match #1 Jo Min-SeonKOR walkover
Match #2 Julie ReardonAUS
Ippon (3:40)
Monica AngelucciBRA

Final Round (25 September 1988)

Match 1/2 Li ZhongyunCHN
Fumiko EzakiJPN