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Lightweight (≤56 kilograms), Women

Date27 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants8 from 8 countries

The last two world champions were France’s Catherine Arnaud and Great Britain’s Ann Hughes, and both were present in Seoul. But both lost in their pool finals, Arnaud to Australian Suzanne Williams, who was the silver medalist at the 1987 Worlds, and Hughes to China’s Liu Guizhu. In the final, Williams won a close decision by yusei-gachi. Liu was a complete unknown who never made the podium again at any major international. Arnaud would recover in 1989 to repeat as World Champion.

1Suzanne WilliamsAUS
2Liu GuizhuCHN
=3Catherine ArnaudFRA
=3Regina PhilipsFRG
=5Naglaa MohamedEGY
=5Ann HughesGBR
=7Jeong Seon-YongKOR
=7Eve TrivellaUSA

Round One (27 September 1988)

Match #1 Catherine ArnaudFRA
Jeong Seon-YongKOR
Match #2 Suzanne WilliamsAUS
Ippon (3:10)
Naglaa MohamedEGY
Match #3 Ann HughesGBR
Eve TrivellaUSA
Match #4 Liu GuizhuCHN
Regina PhilipsFRG

Semi-Finals (27 September 1988)

Match #1 Suzanne WilliamsAUS
Catherine ArnaudFRA
Match #2 Liu GuizhuCHN
Ann HughesGBR

Repêchage (27 September 1988)

Match #1 Catherine ArnaudFRA
Ippon (3:33)
Naglaa MohamedEGY
Match #2 Regina PhilipsFRG
Ann HughesGBR

Final Round (27 September 1988)

Match 1/2 Suzanne WilliamsAUS
Liu GuizhuCHN