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Middleweight (≤ 83 kilograms), Men

Date 4 August 1992
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationPalau Blaugrana, Barcelona
Participants8 from 8 countries

Eight fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. Koreans had won the 1989 and 1991 World Championships, and the 1988 Olympic demonstration event, but oddly, they had no entrant in this class in Barcelona. American Herbert Perez won the title in 1992, defeating Spain’s Juan Solís in the final. Perez had been a bronze medalist at the 1991 World Championships, and was a three-time winner of the Pan American Championships.

1Herb PerezUSA
2Juan SolísESP
=3Khaled IbrahimEGY
=3Ammar SbeihiJOR
=5Markus WoznickiGER
=5Anatoly LikhodiyevskyEUN
=5Mansur BagheriIRI
=5Metin ŞahinTUR

Round One (4 August 1992)

Match #1 Khaled IbrahimEGY Markus WoznickiGER
Match #2 Juan SolísESP Anatoly LikhodiyevskyEUN
Match #3 Ammar SbeihiJOR Mansur BagheriIRI
Match #4 Herb PerezUSA Metin ŞahinTUR

Semi-Finals (4 August 1992)

Match #1 Juan SolísESP Khaled IbrahimEGY
Match #2 Herb PerezUSA Ammar SbeihiJOR

Final Round (4 August 1992)

Match 1/2 Herb PerezUSA Juan SolísESP