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Featherweight (≤55 kilograms), Women

Date 5 August 1992
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationPalau Blaugrana, Barcelona
Participants4 from 4 countries

Only four fighters started in this class, which was decided by a single-elimination tournament. Tung Ya-Ling of Chinese Taipei, the 1991 World Champion, won two bouts to win this class, defeating Turkey’s Aysegül Ergin in the final. Ergin had also met Tung at the 1991 Worlds, also losing in the final there. Her husband, Ekrem Boyali, also won a silver medal in the men’s featherweight class in Barcelona.

1Tung Ya-LingTPE
2Ayşegül ErginTUR
=3Dolores KnolleMEX
=3Bea LuceroPHI

Round One (5 August 1992)

Match #1 Bea LuceroPHI Q
Match #2 Ayşegül ErginTUR Q
Match #3 Dolores KnolleMEX Q
Match #4 Tung Ya-LingTPE Q

Semi-Finals (5 August 1992)

Match #1 Ayşegül ErginTUR 2 – 1Bea LuceroPHI
Match #2 Tung Ya-LingTPE 2 – 1Dolores KnolleMEX

Final Round (5 August 1992)

Match 1/2 Tung Ya-LingTPE 3 – 0Ayşegül ErginTUR