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Ice Hockey, Exhibition (Match #5), Men

Date11 February 1932 — 20:15
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationOlympic Arena, Lake Placid
Participants23 from 2 countries
RefereeClarence BissonUSA
RefereeDonald SandsUSA

In addition to the standard ice hockey tournament at Lake Placid in 1932, there were five exhibition matches played. The fifth match consisted of a mixed team of Canadian and American players besting a mixed team, titularly representing the Lake Placid Athletic Club, although Lake Placid actually had only three Americans and had seven Canadian players on their side. The final score was 3-2.


Canada/United StatesMIX11013
Lake Placid Athletic ClubMIX10102


TimeScoreNatScorer (assists)Situation
3:35 (1)0 – 1Red Berger
14:02 (1)1 – 1Ken Moore
19:16 (2)2 – 1George Garbutt (Cliff Crowley)
43:27 (3)2 – 2Charlie Hultquist
54:20 (4)3 – 2Wally Monson


? (1)2Foster Woolley
? (2)1George Garbutt
? (2)2Joe Fitzgerald
? (2)2Normie Schultz
? (3)2Gordon Smith
? (3)2Red Berger
? (3)2Red Berger
? (3)2Wally Monson
? (3)2Joe Verdon
? (4)2Wally Monson
? (4)20Red Berger
? (4)20Ken Moore
? (4)2Foster Woolley

Canada/United States

PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKBill Cockburn000
GKStan Wagner000
DJoe Fitzgerald002
DBob Livingston000
FWally Monson104
FGordon Smith002
FBert Duncanson000
AlternateFoster Woolley004
AlternateGeorge Garbutt101
AlternateKen Moore1020
AlternateCliff Crowley010

Lake Placid Athletic Club

PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKRen Granger000
DAdrian Moreau000
DBuster McGillis000
FJimmie Priestley000
FRed Berger1024
FRomeo Proulx000
AlternateRed Ryan000
AlternateCharlie Hultquist100
AlternateJoe Verdon002
AlternateHoward Percival000
AlternatePaul Jacobs000
AlternateNormie Schultz002