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Literature, Open

Date23 April – 12 September 1920
Participants3 from 3 countries

The gold medal was awarded to the Italian poet Raniero Nicolai for Canzoni Olympioniche (Olympic Songs), which referenced the history of the ancient runner at Marathon. The silver medal went to the British Theodore Andrea Cook for the poem Olympic Games of Antwerp, which was an ode on the horrors of World War I. Cook had captained the British fencing team in Athina 1906. The British art criticer and writer had e tenure in the IOC from 1909-15 and edited the Official Report of the 1908 London Games. He resigned in protest over Coubertin keeping German and Axis members on the IOC. The bronze medal was given to the Belgian Maurice Bladel for La Louange des Dieux, but very little is known about him, although he was probably an art critic. In 1915 he published a script Vampires, and later did a study about Georges van Eeckhoud, L’oeuvre de Georges Eekhoud (1922) and a book on Flemish posters (1924).

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Raniero NicolaiITAOlympic SongsCanzoni OlimpionicheCanzoni OlimpionicheGold
2Theodore Andrea CookGBROlympic Games of AntwerpOlympic Games of AntwerpOlympic Games of AntwerpSilver
3Maurice BladelBELThe Praise of the GodsLa louange des dieuxLa louange des dieuxBronze