International Ski & Snowboard Federation

NameInternational Ski & Snowboard Federation
DisciplinesCross Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Speed Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Skiing, Military Ski Patrol


Founded on 2 February 1924 during the Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix. The forerunner, International Skiing Commission, was founded on 18 February 1910 in Christiania (now Oslo).

Known as the Fédération internationale de ski until a FIS Congress at Milano, Italy on 26 May 2022, when its name was changed to the International Ski & Snowboard Federation to recognize the discipline of snowboarding. The acronym, FIS, was to stay the same.


Tenure Name Country Notes
1924—1934 Ivar Holmquist SWE
1934—1951 Nikolai Ramm Østgaard NOR
1951—1998 Marc Hodler SUI
1998—2021 Gian-Franco Kasper SUI
2021— Johan Eliasch SWE