United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee

NameUnited States Olympic and Paralympic Committee
Recognized by the IOC1900
CountriesUnited States


The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee has had various names throughout its existence. It was founded in 1900 as the American Olympic Committee (AOC). In 1920 the concurrent American Olympic Association (AOA) was formed. Through 1920, a separate AOA was formed for organizing participation at each Olympics. In 1940, the organization changed its name to the USA Sports Federation (USASF). In 1945 the name was changed again to the United States Olympic Association (USOA), with a separate US Olympic Committee formed before each Olympics to organized participation at the Games. In 1968 the group changed its name to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the name by which it was well-known until June 2019, when it changed its name to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).


Tenure Name Country Notes
1900—1904 Albert Spalding USA
1904—1906 David Francis USA
1906—1910 Caspar Whitney USA
1910—1912 Frederic Pratt USA
1912—1920 Robert Means Thompson USA
1920—1924 Gustavus Town Kirby USA
1924—1926 Robert Means Thompson USA
1926—1926 William Prout USA
1926—1926 Henry G. Lapham USA
1926—1927 Graeme Hammond USA
1927—1928 Douglas MacArthur USA
1928—1952 Avery Brundage USA
1953—1965 Kenneth Wilson USA
1965—1969 Doug Roby USA
1969—1970 Franklin Lewis Orth USA
1970—1973 Clifford H. Buck USA
1973—1977 Philip O. Krumm USA
1977—1981 Bob Kane USA
1981—1985 William Simon USA
1985—1985 Jack Kelly, Jr. USA
1985—1991 Robert Helmick USA
1991—1992 William Hybl USA
1992— LeRoy Walker USA finishing year unknown
1996—2000 William Hybl USA
2000—2002 Sandra Baldwin USA
2002—2003 Marty Mankamyer USA
2003—2004 Bill Martin USA
2004—2008 Peter Ueberroth USA
2008—2018 Larry Probst USA
2018— Susanne Lyons USA