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Pairs, Mixed

Date11 – 13 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants40 from 12 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.
Judge #1Adriana DomanskáSVK
Judge #2Zoia YordanovaBUL
Judge #3Marina SanayaRUS
Judge #4Reinhard MirmsekerGER
Judge #5Ihor FedchenkoUKR
Judge #6Pierre De LacroixFRA
Judge #7Yevgeny RokhinUZB
Judge #8Anna SierockaPOL
Judge #9Kristina HouwingSWE
Judge #10William SmithUSA
Judge #11William ThompsonCAN
Judge #12Wang YuminCHN

The favorites were the Russians Tatyana Totmyanina and Maksim Marinin. They had won the last five European titles and were World Champions in 2004-05. But they would be challenged by a new power in ice skating, the Chinese. Since 2002, three different Chinese pairs had been on the podium at the Worlds, led by Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, who won the title in 2002-03. The other Chinese pairs were Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, third at the 2005 Worlds; and Pang Qing and Tong Jian, third at the 2004 Worlds. The short program went to Totmyanina and Marinin, with a narrow lead, 68.64 to 64.72, over Zhang/Zhang. They finished in the same order in the free skate, giving the gold to the Russians and silver to Zhang and Zhang. Zhang Dan had a horrific fall in the free skate, while attempting a quad Salchow, and would mount the victory podium with her leg bandaged and an ice pack on her knee. The other two Chinese pairs, moved up to third and fourth in the free skate, placing third and fourth overall, with Shen and Zhao winning the bronze medal.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Tatyana Totmyanina / Maksim MarininRUS204.4868.64 (1)135.84 (1)Gold
2Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN189.7364.72 (2)125.01 (2)Silver
3Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN186.9162.32 (5)124.59 (3)Bronze
4Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN186.6763.19 (4)123.48 (4)
5Mariya Petrova / Aleksey TikhonovRUS181.6964.27 (3)117.42 (6)
6Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER180.1560.96 (7)119.19 (5)
7Rena Inoue / John BaldwinUSA175.0161.27 (6)113.74 (7)
8Yuliya Obertas / Sergey SlavnovRUS166.5460.25 (8)106.29 (9)
9Dorota Zagórska-Siudek / Mariusz SiudekPOL165.9556.10 (9)109.85 (8)
10Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN159.7155.48 (11)104.23 (10)
11Valérie Marcoux / Craig BuntinCAN158.2155.62 (10)102.59 (11)
12Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR148.3850.14 (12)98.24 (12)
13Marcy Hinzmann / Aaron ParchemUSA147.0549.58 (13)97.47 (13)
14Marylin Pla / Yannick BonheurFRA132.8444.24 (14)88.60 (14)
15Eva-Maria Fitze / Rico RexGER120.2343.86 (16)76.37 (16)
16Marina Aganina / Artyom KnyazevUZB119.5544.02 (15)75.53 (17)
17Diana Rennik / Aleksei SaksEST118.1339.72 (18)78.41 (15)
18Yuliya Bilohlazova / Andriy BekhUKR115.6243.85 (17)71.77 (19)
19Rumyana Spasova / Stanimir TodorovBUL111.2537.27 (19)73.98 (18)
DNFPhyo Yong-Myong / Jong Yong-HyokPRK33.63 (20)

Short Program (11 February 2006 — 19:00)

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Tatyana Totmyanina / Maksim MarininRUS68.6435.9332.710.00
2Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN64.7235.2129.510.00
3Mariya Petrova / Aleksey TikhonovRUS64.2733.7130.560.00
4Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN63.1934.0929.100.00
5Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN62.3230.8631.460.00
6Rena Inoue / John BaldwinUSA61.2735.5325.740.00
7Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER60.9631.7829.180.00
8Yuliya Obertas / Sergey SlavnovRUS60.2532.7827.470.00
9Dorota Zagórska-Siudek / Mariusz SiudekPOL56.1029.7926.310.00
10Valérie Marcoux / Craig BuntinCAN55.6229.8825.740.00
11Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN55.4831.0624.420.00
12Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR50.1428.0523.091.00
13Marcy Hinzmann / Aaron ParchemUSA49.5826.7523.831.00
14Marylin Pla / Yannick BonheurFRA44.2424.3520.891.00
15Marina Aganina / Artyom KnyazevUZB44.0226.9217.100.00
16Eva-Maria Fitze / Rico RexGER43.8623.7420.120.00
17Yuliya Bilohlazova / Andriy BekhUKR43.8525.6218.230.00
18Diana Rennik / Aleksei SaksEST39.7222.5717.150.00
19Rumyana Spasova / Stanimir TodorovBUL37.2720.6517.621.00
20Phyo Yong-Myong / Jong Yong-HyokPRK33.6318.6015.030.00

Free Skating (13 February 2006 — 19:00)

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Tatyana Totmyanina / Maksim MarininRUS135.8469.5166.330.00
2Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN125.0166.1959.821.00
3Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN124.5962.2462.350.00
4Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN123.4862.7860.700.00
5Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER119.1960.2158.980.00
6Mariya Petrova / Aleksey TikhonovRUS117.4257.0060.420.00
7Rena Inoue / John BaldwinUSA113.7460.2754.471.00
8Dorota Zagórska-Siudek / Mariusz SiudekPOL109.8558.1451.710.00
9Yuliya Obertas / Sergey SlavnovRUS106.2954.3752.921.00
10Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN104.2354.9949.240.00
11Valérie Marcoux / Craig BuntinCAN102.5952.8250.771.00
12Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR98.2452.5546.691.00
13Marcy Hinzmann / Aaron ParchemUSA97.4752.2845.190.00
14Marylin Pla / Yannick BonheurFRA88.6048.1440.460.00
15Diana Rennik / Aleksei SaksEST78.4145.4432.970.00
16Eva-Maria Fitze / Rico RexGER76.3738.8839.492.00
17Marina Aganina / Artyom KnyazevUZB75.5342.0734.461.00
18Rumyana Spasova / Stanimir TodorovBUL73.9840.1633.820.00
19Yuliya Bilohlazova / Andriy BekhUKR71.7737.8034.971.00