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Team, Men

Date6 – 10 September 1920
LocationMerksem / Hoogboom Country Club, Kapellen / Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants23 from 6 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The team three-day event was won by Sweden, which was led by the gold and silver medallists in the individual events. The team scores were determined by the passive system of simply adding up the scores of the individual riders for each nation. The 20 km cross-country was held in a pouring rain, and the course was thought by many to be 3 km too long. Sweden had also won this event in 1912 at Stockholm, but no riders competed in both years. Sweden did not compete in this event at the 1919 Inter-Allied Games, and in their absence, that competition was won by a French team, none of whose riders competed in Antwerp.

PosNumberCompetitorsHorseNOCPointsCross-Country (50 km)Cross-Country (20 km)Jumping
1SwedenSWE5,057.502,670.00 (1)1,755.00 (1)632.50 (2)Gold
Helmer, Greve Mörner Geria1,775.00900.00555.00320.00
Åge Lundström Yrsa1,738.75900.00570.00268.75
Georg von Braun Diana1,543.75870.00630.0043.75
Gustaf Dyrsch SalamisDNF600.00DNFDNSnon-scoring
2ItalyITA4,735.002,662.50 (2)1,620.00 (=3)932.50 (1)Silver
Ettore Caffaratti Caniche1,733.75862.50600.00271.25
Garibaldi Spighi Otello1,647.50900.00540.00207.50
Giulio Cacciandra Facetto1,353.75900.000.00453.75
Carlo Asinari Di San Marzano Savari1,245.00765.00480.000.00non-scoring
3BelgiumBEL4,560.502,572.50 (4)1,695.00 (2)554.50 (3)Bronze
Roger Moeremans d'Emaüs Sweet Girl1,652.50787.50600.00265.00
Oswald Lints Martha1,515.00900.00615.000.00
Jules Bonvalet Weppelghem1,393.00885.00255.00252.50
Jacques Misonne Gaucho1,282.50765.00480.0037.50non-scoring
4United StatesUSA4,477.502,640.00 (3)1,620.00 (=3)217.50 (4)
Harry Chamberlin Nigra1,568.75870.00570.00128.75
William West Black Boy1,558.75900.00570.0088.75
John Barry Raven1,350.00870.00480.000.00
Sloan Doak DeceiveDNF600.00DNFDNSnon-scoring
Knut Gysler Emden1,537.50870.00
Eugen Johansen Nökken1,428.75892.50
Bjørn Bjørnseth LydiaDNFDNF
DNFFranceFRA2,317.50 (5)
Édouard Saint-Poulof Josette1,387.50862.50
Camille de Sartiges Jehova1,352.50855.00
Joseph de Vrégille Grand ManitouDNFDNF
Emmanuel Vidart MaximeDNF600.00non-scoring