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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date26 – 28 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants33 from 27 countries

Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström was the defending gold medallist, a four-time World Champion going back to 2009, and still the world record holder but she was facing a youth movement in Tokyo, led by Canadian Maggie Mac Neil, the 21-year-old 2019 World Champion. American’s Torri Huske and Claire Curzan, 18- and 17-year-olds respectively, had some of the fastest times of the year, with the world list led by China’s Zhang Yufei. Australia’s Emma McKeon, a veteran at 27, was also considered a medal contender.

All the above save Curzan made it to the final, with McKeon and Zhang leading the prelims at 55.82 and Zhang the fastest semi-finalist at 55.89. Zhang also led out the final, followed by Huske, as Sjöström never factored for a medal. Mac Neil also seemed out of it at the turn, ahead of only Sjöström in seventh place, but she would finish the fastest, swimming 29.09 on the inward half, ahead of Zhang’s pace by almost a second, and it would bring Mac Neil the gold medal, 55.59 to 55.64 over Zhang. McKeon, who never really contended for gold, would edge out Huske by 1/100th for the bronze medal.

McKeon won her first individual medal of the Tokyo Olympics, but far from her last. She would later win the 50 and 100 metre freestyle and add four relay medals to equal the female record of seven Olympic medals at a single Olympics, previously set only by Soviet gymnast Mariya Gorokhovskaya in 1952. Zhang was also not done and would return three days later to win gold in the 200 fly.

1Maggie Mac NeilCAN56.55 (1 h4)56.56 (3 h2)55.59 (1)Gold
2Zhang YufeiCHN55.82 (1 h3)55.89 (1 h2)55.64 (2)Silver
3Emma McKeonAUS55.82 (1 h5)56.33 (2 h1)55.72 (3)Bronze
4Torri HuskeUSA56.29 (3 h5)56.51 (3 h1)55.73 (4)
5Louise HanssonSWE56.97 (2 h4)56.92 (4 h1)56.22 (5)
6Marie WattelFRA57.08 (4 h5)56.16 (1 h1)56.27 (6)
7Sarah SjöströmSWE56.18 (2 h5)56.40 (2 h2)56.91 (7)
8Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR56.99 (2 h3)57.19 (4 h2)57.05 (8)
9Anna NtountounakiGRE57.75 (5 h3)57.25 (5 h2)
10Claire CurzanUSA57.49 (3 h3)57.42 (5 h1)
11Svetlana ChimrovaROC58.04 (5 h5)57.54 (6 h2)
12Brianna ThrossellAUS58.08 (6 h3)57.59 (6 h1)
13Elena Di LiddoITA57.41 (3 h4)57.60 (7 h2)
14Arina SurkovaROC58.02 (5 h4)57.72 (7 h1)
15Ilaria BianchiITA57.70 (4 h3)58.07 (8 h1)
16Katerine SavardCAN57.51 (4 h4)58.10 (8 h2)
17Maria UgolkovaSUI58.22 (6 h4)
18Anastasia GorbenkoISR58.23 (7 h4)
19Lana PudarBIH58.32 (7 h3)
20Farida OsmanEGY58.69 (8 h4)
21Harriet JonesGBR58.73 (6 h5)
22Emilie BeckmannDEN58.84 (7 h5)
23An Se-HyeonKOR59.32 (8 h5)
24Ellen WalsheIRL59.35 (4 h2)
25Remedy RulePHI59.68 (5 h2)
26Erin GallagherRSA59.69 (8 h3)
27Dalma SebestyénHUN59.79 (6 h2)
28Luana AlonsoPAR1:00.37 (1 h2)
29Jeserik PintoVEN1:00.60 (2 h2)
30Məryəm ŞeyxəlizadəxangahAZE1:01.37 (1 h1)
31Miriam SheehanPUR1:02.49 (3 h2)
32Aniqah GaffoorSRI1:05.33 (2 h1)
33Yusra MardiniEOR1:06.78 (3 h1)

Round One (26 July 2021 — 19:25)

=15Emma McKeonAUS55.82Q
=14Zhang YufeiCHN55.82Q
35Sarah SjöströmSWE56.18Q
44Torri HuskeUSA56.29Q
54Maggie Mac NeilCAN56.55Q
63Louise HanssonSWE56.97Q
73Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR56.99Q
83Marie WattelFRA57.08Q
96Elena Di LiddoITA57.41Q
105Claire CurzanUSA57.49Q
111Katerine SavardCAN57.51Q
122Ilaria BianchiITA57.70Q
132Anna NtountounakiGRE57.75Q
142Arina SurkovaROC58.02Q
157Svetlana ChimrovaROC58.04Q
166Brianna ThrossellAUS58.08Q
178Maria UgolkovaSUI58.22
188Anastasia GorbenkoISR58.23
196Lana PudarBIH58.32
201Farida OsmanEGY58.69
211Harriet JonesGBR58.73
227Emilie BeckmannDEN58.84
238An Se-HyeonKOR59.32
245Ellen WalsheIRL59.35
253Remedy RulePHI59.68
267Erin GallagherRSA59.69
274Dalma SebestyénHUN59.79
287Luana AlonsoPAR1:00.37
292Jeserik PintoVEN1:00.60
304Məryəm ŞeyxəlizadəxangahAZE1:01.37
316Miriam SheehanPUR1:02.49
325Aniqah GaffoorSRI1:05.33
333Yusra MardiniEOR1:06.78

Heat One (19:25)

14Məryəm ŞeyxəlizadəxangahAZE1:01.370.69
25Aniqah GaffoorSRI1:05.330.70
33Yusra MardiniEOR1:06.780.71

Heat Two (19:28)

17Luana AlonsoPAR1:00.370.62
22Jeserik PintoVEN1:00.600.67
36Miriam SheehanPUR1:02.490.68
45Ellen WalsheIRL59.350.66
53Remedy RulePHI59.680.67
64Dalma SebestyénHUN59.790.70

Heat Three (19:31)

14Zhang YufeiCHN55.820.65Q
23Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR56.990.64Q
35Claire CurzanUSA57.490.66Q
42Ilaria BianchiITA57.700.67Q
52Anna NtountounakiGRE57.750.65Q
66Brianna ThrossellAUS58.080.68Q
76Lana PudarBIH58.320.72
87Erin GallagherRSA59.690.73

Heat Four (19:34)

14Maggie Mac NeilCAN56.550.64Q
23Louise HanssonSWE56.970.68Q
36Elena Di LiddoITA57.410.66Q
41Katerine SavardCAN57.510.64Q
52Arina SurkovaROC58.020.73Q
68Maria UgolkovaSUI58.220.66
78Anastasia GorbenkoISR58.230.71
81Farida OsmanEGY58.690.71

Heat Five (19:37)

15Emma McKeonAUS55.820.70Q
25Sarah SjöströmSWE56.180.68Q
34Torri HuskeUSA56.290.63Q
43Marie WattelFRA57.080.69Q
57Svetlana ChimrovaROC58.040.70Q
61Harriet JonesGBR58.730.69
77Emilie BeckmannDEN58.840.71
88An Se-HyeonKOR59.320.72

Semi-Finals (27 July 2021 — 10:40)

14Zhang YufeiCHN55.89Q
26Marie WattelFRA56.16Q
34Emma McKeonAUS56.33Q
45Sarah SjöströmSWE56.40Q
55Torri HuskeUSA56.51Q
63Maggie Mac NeilCAN56.56Q
73Louise HanssonSWE56.92Q
86Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR57.19Q
91Anna NtountounakiGRE57.25
102Claire CurzanUSA57.42
118Svetlana ChimrovaROC57.54
128Brianna ThrossellAUS57.59
132Elena Di LiddoITA57.60
141Arina SurkovaROC57.72
157Ilaria BianchiITA58.07
167Katerine SavardCAN58.10

Heat One (10:40)

16Marie WattelFRA56.160.70Q
24Emma McKeonAUS56.330.74Q
35Torri HuskeUSA56.510.64Q
43Louise HanssonSWE56.920.69Q
52Claire CurzanUSA57.420.64
68Brianna ThrossellAUS57.590.71
71Arina SurkovaROC57.720.74
87Ilaria BianchiITA58.070.70

Heat Two (10:46)

14Zhang YufeiCHN55.890.67Q
25Sarah SjöströmSWE56.400.68Q
33Maggie Mac NeilCAN56.560.62Q
46Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR57.190.64Q
51Anna NtountounakiGRE57.250.63
68Svetlana ChimrovaROC57.540.70
72Elena Di LiddoITA57.600.67
87Katerine SavardCAN58.100.63

Final (28 July 2021 — 10:30)

17Maggie Mac NeilCAN55.590.63
24Zhang YufeiCHN55.640.64
33Emma McKeonAUS55.720.73
42Torri HuskeUSA55.730.64
51Louise HanssonSWE56.220.69
65Marie WattelFRA56.270.69
76Sarah SjöströmSWE56.910.67
88Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR57.050.64