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Individual, Men

Date10 – 11 February 1932
LocationJames C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, Lake Placid / Intervale Ski Jump Complex, Lake Placid
Participants33 from 10 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 18 kilometres skiing; placements determined by points table.

Norway had won all the medals in Nordic Combined at the two previous Olympics, and entered a strong team for the Lake Placid Games. The team was led by defending champion Johan Grøttumsbraaten, the king of skiing at the 1928 Olympics and World Champion in the event in 1926 and 1931, and Hans Vinjarengen, silver medalist from 1928 and World Champion in 1929 and 1930. The Norwegian lineup was completed by Ole Stenen, a cross country specialist and decent jumper, and 23-year old Sverre Kolterud, with jumping his strength.

In the 18 km. race Grøttumsbraaten and Stenen took advantage of their cross-country abilities to build up a decisive lead on the rest of the field. In third place was a big surprise, the unknown 23-year old Japanese Heigoro Kuriyagawa, who beat Vinjarengen by over a minute, and in 5th was another Japanese surprise, Takemitsu Tsubokawa. The Scandinavian experts were wondering about the Japanese skills on the jumping hill.

Best in the ski jumping section was Fritz Kaufmann with two solid jumps of 59.5 and 60.5 meters, but since he was over 32 minutes behind the winner in cross country, he was no threat in the overall standings. Vinjarengen placed second in jumping with 54.0 and 60.0 meters (longest in the competition), but was barely beaten by Stenen in the overall standings. However, no one could threaten Grøttumsbraaten from defending his title. Finishing 6th in the jump, he won by a clear margin, and ended his Olympic career with three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. As the Norwegians had hoped for, Kolterud was able to advance to 4th place, beating the best non-Norwegian Sven Eriksson (later Selånger) clearly. Kuriyagawa turned out to be a decent jumper, but a fall in the first round relegated him to 20th place, and his countryman Tsukokawa had the shortest jumps of the day and placed 15th overall.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsCross Country Skiing, 18 kmSki Jumping, Normal Hill
1Johan GrøttumsbraatenNOR446.001-27:15 (1)206.0 (6)Gold
2Ole StenenNOR436.051-28:05 (2)200.3 (12)Silver
3Hans VinjarengenNOR434.601-32:40 (4)221.6 (2)Bronze
4Sverre KolterudNOR418.601-34:36 (7)214.6 (5)1
5Sven ErikssonSWE402.301-39:32 (12)220.8 (3)
6Antonín BartoňTCH397.101-33:39 (6)188.6 (19)
7Bronisław CzechPOL392.001-36:37 (8)197.0 (14)
8František ŠimůnekTCH375.301-39:58 (14)196.8 (15)
9Rolf MonsenUSA369.301-42:36 (17)201.9 (7)
10Jostein NordmoeCAN367.561-42:56 (18)201.6 (9)
11Ján CífkaTCH367.201-38:24 (11)181.2 (23)2
12Ernesto ZardiniITA362.201-43:22 (20)198.7 (13)
13Jaroslav FeistauerTCH361.601-37:55 (9)172.6 (24)
14Ed BloodUSA361.451-41:58 (16)191.2 (18)
15Takemitsu TsubokawaJPN358.901-33:15 (5)148.9 (27)
16Lloyd EllingsonUSA354.201-44:14 (22)193.7 (17)
17Ingenuino DallagoITA346.001-46:29 (23)196.0 (16)
18Harald PaumgartenAUT342.201-41:20 (15)169.7 (25)
19Andrzej MarusarzPOL335.101-47:17 (24)188.1 (20)
20Heigoro KuriyagawaJPN332.801-31:34 (3)113.8 (29)
21Severino MenardiITA332.701-43:04 (19)167.7 (26)
22Cesare ChiognaSUI321.601-58:33 (30)219.6 (4)
23Fritz KaufmannSUI320.701-59:20 (32)223.2 (1)
24Howard BagguleyCAN318.701-50:35 (25)185.2 (21)
25John EricksenUSA316.301-54:58 (27)200.8 (10)
26Fritz SteuriSUI315.901-54:57 (26)200.4 (11)
27Stanisław MarusarzPOL308.051-39:56 (13)128.8 (28)
28Holger SchönSWE300.801-59:07 (31)201.8 (8)
29Harald BosioAUT298.701-38:23 (10)112.7 (30)
30Arthur GravelCAN278.602-00:18 (33)184.1 (22)
31Ross WilsonCAN252.801-43:55 (21)90.8 (32)
32Katsumi YamadaJPN222.201-56:03 (29)111.2 (31)
33Gregor HöllAUT185.001-55:18 (28)71.0 (33)
DNSWilliam BallCAN– (DNS)
DNSBud ClarkCAN– (DNS)
DNSKaare EngstadCAN– (DNS)
DNSPhilemon WrightCAN– (DNS)
DNSRaymond BerthetFRA– (DNS)
DNSKristian HovdeNOR– (DNS)
DNSArne RustadstuenNOR– (DNS)
DNSErik RylanderSWE– (DNS)
DNSErling AndersenUSA– (DNS)
DNSJames HarshUSA– (DNS)
DNSJorgen JohansenUSA– (DNS)
DNSCasper OimoenUSA– (DNS)
DNSKarl Magnus SatreUSA– (DNS)
DNSPaul Ottar SatreUSA– (DNS)