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Light-Heavyweight (≤81 kilograms), Men

Date14 – 23 October 1964
LocationKorakuen Horu, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Participants19 from 19 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, the man who lost to Cassius Clay in the final at the 1960 Games, returned as a veteran of 30 for his third Games having been a decisive winner of the previous year’s European title. Also present in Tokyo was the winner of the pre-Olympic tournament, Cosimo Pinto of Italy, who had also won this class at the Mediterranean Games in Napoli. The story of the early rounds was the showing of Aleksey Kiselyov of the Soviet Union. Kiselyov had moved up in weight from the middleweight division but had adapted well and was noted as a strong and aggressive fighter. The stocky Soviet accounted for Pietrzykowski in the semi-finals and was fully expected to use his strength to batter Pinto in the final. What happened next didn’t conform to expectations and instead the fight developed into a fairly negative affair. Two judges awarded the contest to the Italian by a single point whilst the other three had the two men level at 59 points apiece. Two of the tied judges awarded their preference to the Kiselyov but crucially the German judge opted for Pinto and the man from Novara was crowned Olympic champion. Pinto fought on as an amateur and retired in 1968 still only 25 years of age.

1Cosimo PintoITAGold
2Aleksey KiselyovURSSilver
=3Aleksandar NikolovBULBronze
=3Zbigniew PietrzykowskiPOLBronze
=5Jürgen SchlegelGER
=5Sayed MersalEGY
=5Rafael GargiuloARG
=5František PoláčekTCH
=9Henry MugwanyaUGA
=9Rudie LubbersNED
=9Bernard ThébaultFRA
=9Thomas ArimiGHA
=9Bela HorvathSUI
=9Ronald HolmesJAM
=9Firmin N'GuiaCIV
=9Bob ChristophersonUSA
=17Fred CaseyAUS
=17Barkat AliPAK
=17Gheorghe NegreaROU

Round One

Date14 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #114 OctJürgen SchlegelGER
Match #214 OctHenry MugwanyaUGA
Match #314 OctRudie LubbersNED
Match #414 OctCosimo PintoITA
Match #514 OctAleksandar NikolovBUL
Match #614 OctBernard ThébaultFRA
Match #714 OctSayed MersalEGY
Match #814 OctThomas ArimiGHA
Match #914 OctRafael GargiuloARG
Match #1014 OctBela HorvathSUI
Match #1114 OctZbigniew PietrzykowskiPOL
Match #1214 OctRonald HolmesJAM
Match #1314 OctFrantišek PoláčekTCH
Match #1414 OctFirmin N'GuiaCIVDecisionFred CaseyAUS
Match #1514 OctBob ChristophersonUSADecisionBarkat AliPAK
Match #1614 OctAleksey KiselyovURSDecisionGheorghe NegreaROU

Round Two

Date17 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #117 OctJürgen SchlegelGERDecisionHenry MugwanyaUGA
Match #217 OctCosimo PintoITADecisionRudie LubbersNED
Match #317 OctAleksandar NikolovBULReferee stops contestBernard ThébaultFRA
Match #417 OctSayed MersalEGYDecisionThomas ArimiGHA
Match #517 OctRafael GargiuloARGDecisionBela HorvathSUI
Match #617 OctZbigniew PietrzykowskiPOLDisqualifiedRonald HolmesJAM
Match #717 OctFrantišek PoláčekTCHReferee stops contestFirmin N'GuiaCIV
Match #817 OctAleksey KiselyovURSDecisionBob ChristophersonUSA


Date19 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #119 OctCosimo PintoITADecisionJürgen SchlegelGER
Match #219 OctAleksandar NikolovBULDecisionSayed MersalEGY
Match #319 OctZbigniew PietrzykowskiPOLDecisionRafael GargiuloARG
Match #419 OctAleksey KiselyovURSDecisionFrantišek PoláčekTCH


Date21 October 1964
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #121 OctCosimo PintoITAReferee stops contestAleksandar NikolovBUL
Match #221 OctAleksey KiselyovURSDecisionZbigniew PietrzykowskiPOL

Final Round

Date23 October 1964
Match 1/223 OctCosimo PintoITADecisionAleksey KiselyovURS