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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date17 – 18 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Kanoe/Kagiak Slalom, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
Participants19 from 16 countries

The Czech Republic’s Štěpánka Hilgertová was the reigning World and two-time Olympic champion, as well as the 2002 European champion, in the women’s K-1 slalom, and was a favorite at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She would certainly be challenged, however, by Slovakia’s Elena Kaliská, winner of three of the last four European championships and another favorite. Hilgertová had a poor qualifying round, finishing 11th, while Kaliská was second behind Germany’s Jennifer Bongardt, the 2003 World runner-up. Great Britain’s Helen Reeves came in third. Kaliská was at the top of the rankings after the first run of the final, while Peggy Dickens of France was second and Bongardt was third. Reeves, meanwhile, came in with a fifth-place score while Hilgertová was eighth. Kaliská was first again in the second run and secured the gold medal while 2002 World Champion Rebecca Giddens’ second-place was sufficient for silver, after having been fourth in first portion. Hilgertová was third, but her earlier placing meant that she would rise no higher than fifth. Thus bronze seemed to go Dickens, but she was dealt an extra penalty point at the conclusion of the event and lost the final podium spot to Reeves by a mere 0.03 points.

11Elena KaliskáSVKGold
215Rebecca GiddensUSASilver
39Helen ReevesGBRBronze
43Peggy DickensFRA
514Štěpánka HilgertováCZE
67Nagwa El DesoukiSUI
718Louise NatoliAUS
811Maria Cristina Giai PronITA
98Jennifer BongardtGER
106Gabriela StacherováSVK
1112Eadaoin Ní ChallarainIRL
124Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT
1317Agnieszka StanuchPOL
142Mandy PlanertGER
155Irena PavelkováCZE
1616Margaret LangfordCAN
1713Maria FerekidiGRE
1819Li JingjingCHN
1910Nada MaliSLO

Qualifying (17 August 2004 — 10:50-11:38, 12:57-13:45)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count. Top 15 finishers advanced to the final.

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
112Jennifer BongardtGER212.20102.96 (1)109.24 (4)Q
219Elena KaliskáSVK212.65104.24 (2)108.41 (3)Q
311Helen ReevesGBR213.63110.12 (5)103.51 (1)Q
414Gabriela StacherováSVK224.66110.08 (4)114.58 (11)Q
55Rebecca GiddensUSA224.94108.36 (3)116.58 (15)Q
618Mandy PlanertGER225.77114.90 (7)110.87 (6)Q
716Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT226.40110.95 (6)115.45 (14)Q
82Louise NatoliAUS227.21115.83 (8)111.38 (=7)Q
915Irena PavelkováCZE227.46116.08 (9)111.38 (=7)Q
1013Nagwa El DesoukiSUI228.65118.38 (12)110.27 (5)Q
116Štěpánka HilgertováCZE228.75117.05 (11)111.70 (9)Q
1217Peggy DickensFRA229.58121.31 (14)108.27 (2)Q
139Maria Cristina Giai PronITA230.77116.18 (10)114.59 (12)Q
143Agnieszka StanuchPOL233.89118.57 (13)115.32 (13)Q
158Eadaoin Ní ChallarainIRL240.75121.42 (15)119.33 (16)Q
164Margaret LangfordCAN244.91123.02 (16)121.89 (17)
177Maria FerekidiGRE250.28124.85 (17)125.43 (18)
181Li JingjingCHN259.92134.07 (18)125.85 (19)
1910Nada MaliSLO278.48165.65 (19)112.83 (10)

Semi-Finals (17 August 2004 — 10:40-11:18)

One run. Top 10 advanced to final.

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
114Elena KaliskáSVK103.741:43.740Q
24Peggy DickensFRA104.951:44.950Q
315Jennifer BongardtGER107.361:47.360Q
411Rebecca GiddensUSA107.561:47.560Q
513Helen ReevesGBR108.901:46.902Q
63Maria Cristina Giai PronITA109.271:49.270Q
712Gabriela StacherováSVK109.851:49.850Q
85Štěpánka HilgertováCZE111.311:47.314Q
96Nagwa El DesoukiSUI113.241:53.240Q
108Louise NatoliAUS113.721:53.720Q
111Eadaoin Ní ChallarainIRL116.951:56.950
129Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT117.091:53.094
132Agnieszka StanuchPOL120.731:56.734
1410Mandy PlanertGER122.611:58.614
157Irena PavelkováCZE161.491:51.4950

Final Round (18 August 2004)

Downstream gates14
Total gates20
Upstream gates6
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
110Elena KaliskáSVK210.03103.74 (1)106.29 (1)
27Rebecca GiddensUSA214.62107.56 (4)107.06 (2)
36Helen ReevesGBR218.77108.90 (5)109.87 (4)
49Peggy DickensFRA218.80104.95 (2)113.85 (7)
53Štěpánka HilgertováCZE220.75111.31 (8)109.44 (3)
62Nagwa El DesoukiSUI225.04113.24 (9)111.80 (5)
71Louise NatoliAUS227.44113.72 (10)113.72 (6)
85Maria Cristina Giai PronITA229.36109.27 (6)120.09 (8)
98Jennifer BongardtGER237.66107.36 (3)130.30 (9)
104Gabriela StacherováSVK274.47109.85 (7)164.62 (10)