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Individual Pursuit, 4000 metres, Men

Date15 – 16 August 2008
LocationLaoshan Zixingcheguan, Beijing
Participants18 from 12 countries

Britain’s Bradley Wiggins was the defending champion and had won the 2007-08 World Championships, stamping him as the favorite. Wiggins qualified with almost a four-second margin over second placed Hayden Roulston of New Zealand. In the first round, Wiggins and Roulston had the fastest times and met again in the final. The final was close, with Roulston and Wiggins all but tied thru 2,500 metres. But Wiggins had too much strength and pulled ahead to win by over two seconds. Britain continued its track dominance when their other rider, Steven Burke, came from behind against Russian Aleksey Markov to win the bronze medal. Burke had been taken to Beijing only as a reserve but improved his personal best down from 4:31 to 4:20 during training for the Games.

One big story of the pursuit was the seventh-place finisher, Taylor Phinney of the United States. Phinney was only 18 and had been World Junior Champion in 2007 in the road time trial, but was in his first year of racing at the senior international level. However, he had the pedigree as the son of Davis Phinney, bronze medalist in the 1984 team time trial and a winner of two stages at the Tour de France, and Connie Carpenter-Phinney, winner of the first women’s Olympic road race in 1984.

1Bradley WigginsGBRGold
2Hayden RoulstonNZLSilver
3Steven BurkeGBRBronze
4Aleksey MarkovRUS
5Volodymyr DiudiaUKR
6Toni TaulerESP
7Taylor PhinneyUSA
8Aleksandr SerovRUS
9Brad McGeeAUS
10Sergi EscobarESP
11David O'LoughlinIRL
12Brett LancasterAUS
13Jens MourisNED
14Vitaliy PopkovUKR
15Fabien SanchezFRA
16Carlos AlzateCOL
17Alexandr PliuschinMDA
18Jenning HuizengaNED

Qualifying Round (15 – 15 August 2008 — 16:55)

Top 8 finishers advanced to round one.

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:15.031QOR
2Hayden RoulstonNZL4:18.990Q
3Aleksey MarkovRUS4:21.498Q
4Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:21.530Q
5Steven BurkeGBR4:22.260Q
6Toni TaulerESP4:22.462Q
7Taylor PhinneyUSA4:22.860Q
8Aleksandr SerovRUS4:23.732Q
9Brad McGeeAUS4:26.084
10Sergi EscobarESP4:26.102
11David O'LoughlinIRL4:26.102
12Brett LancasterAUS4:26.139
13Jens MourisNED4:27.445
14Vitaliy PopkovUKR4:30.321
15Fabien SanchezFRA4:33.100
16Carlos AlzateCOL4:35.154
17Alexandr PliuschinMDA4:35.438
18Jenning HuizengaNED4:37.097

Heat One (15 – 15 August 2008 — 16:55)

1Brett LancasterAUS4:26.139
2Fabien SanchezFRA4:33.100

Heat Two

1Steven BurkeGBR4:22.260Q
2Carlos AlzateCOL4:35.154

Heat Three

1Toni TaulerESP4:22.462Q
2Jens MourisNED4:27.445

Heat Four

1Vitaliy PopkovUKR4:30.321
2Alexandr PliuschinMDA4:35.438

Heat Five

1Aleksandr SerovRUS4:23.732Q
2Sergi EscobarESP4:26.102

Heat Six

1Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:21.530Q
2Taylor PhinneyUSA4:22.860Q

Heat Seven

1Brad McGeeAUS4:26.084
2David O'LoughlinIRL4:26.102

Heat Eight

1Hayden RoulstonNZL4:18.990Q
2Jenning HuizengaNED4:37.097

Heat Nine

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:15.031QOR
2Aleksey MarkovRUS4:21.498Q

Round One (16 – 16 August 2008 — 16:30)

Fastest two winners advance to final; next fastest two winners advance to bronze medal race.

Heat One

1Steven BurkeGBR4:21.558q
2Volodymyr DiudiaUKR4:22.471

Heat Two

1Aleksey MarkovRUS4:22.308q
2Toni TaulerESP4:24.974

Heat Three

1Hayden RoulstonNZL4:19.232Q
2Taylor PhinneyUSA4:26.644

Heat Four

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:16.571Q
2Aleksandr SerovRUS4:25.391

Final Round (16 – 16 August 2008)

Match 1/2 (16 – 16 August 2008 — 18:55)

1Bradley WigginsGBR4:16.977
2Hayden RoulstonNZL4:19.611

Match 3/4 (16 – 16 August 2008 — 18:50)

3Steven BurkeGBR4:20.947
4Aleksey MarkovRUS4:24.149